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  1. Chris J

    Three dives in Tresviso (Picos de Europa)

    Some video on youtube
  2. Chris J

    Diving video camera - Paralenz Vaquita 2nd Gen

    I'm getting some good results and thought I'd share some details of this camera. The Paralenz vaquita 2nd edition is a diving camera with a nice shape suited to helmet mounting. This is my second Paralenz after the original and I'm very impressed with it. A bit of a review / unboxing here and...
  3. Chris J

    Three dives in Tresviso (Picos de Europa)

    In 1976 the Tresviso based cavers exploring Cueva del Agua (Nacimiento) located an unusual feature. After Colin Boothroyd scaled an 8m waterfall they found a deep sump pool immediately at the top of the climb. Inspired by Monty Python they named the cave passage the ‘road to certain death’ and...
  4. Chris J

    Ario Caves Project

    Another post to wrap up my expedition time: As the dive team were lying in their sleeping bags on 10th Aug, another team of four we’re headed down the cave to take over bringing gear up from the sump. Rich Hudson, Peter Dennis, Vlad Turcuman and Phil Hawcroft were making a two night camp with...
  5. Chris J

    Ario Caves Project

    Follow up. Due to tight timeframes and concerns about the weather it became evident that multiple dives were unlikely to happen. Expecting a significant deep sump I decided to focus on just doing one big dive and making that really count. So when I passed the Muxa sump after a relatively...
  6. Chris J

    Ario Caves Project

    On Monday 8th August Rich Hudson, Tom Chapman, Keith Mason, Phil Baker, Sam Lee and Shane Diffley entered the cave with 6 bags of diving equipment plus personal camping kit. 4 bags made it to the sump and 2 bags were dropped off part way. Tom and Rich exited whilst the other four camped...
  7. Chris J

    Ario Caves Project

    I’m pleased to be able to report that on Thursday 4th August, Martin Holroyd, Petie Barry and myself reached the bottom of Muxa after 3 nights underground re-rigging the 2km long streamway. The Muxa shaft series is impressive and grand but the streamway is spectacular. Camp is cosy for four...
  8. Chris J

    Ario Caves Project

    On the 16th-17th July and then again on 23rd-24th July the expedition team met up for some pre-expedition caving and bag packing. Luckily the YDG barn was an ideal venue for getting lots of gear out. The 2km of UK caving and Spanset rope was washed, pulled through a stop and packed into bags...
  9. Chris J

    Chasing Dreams with help from UKC and SpanSet

    A massive thank you to everyone at UKC and Spanset for supporting us with year on our Ario expedition.
  10. Chris J

    Cave Expedition Training (21st & 22nd May 2022)

    A short report on the successful expedition skills training weekend run over 21st and 22nd May at the GCRG depot in the Forest of Dean. Some 35 cavers from around the UK joined the expedition skills training weekend hosted at the GCRG depot in the Forest of Dean. Most of the participants were...
  11. Chris J

    Ario Expedition 2022 (Spain)

    Hello all, We are pleased to announce that this summer the Picos de Europa ?Ario? expedition returns. Since the 1960s Oxford University & friends have been visiting the ?Ario? plateau in these incredible mountains and exploring the deep caves which can be found in the western massif of the...
  12. Chris J

    Photo of Colossus pitch - Large Pot

    Hi all, I'm looking to locate a photo of Colossus pitch in Large Pot. Does anyone know of the existence of such an image or might point me in the right direction? Thanks, Chris
  13. Chris J

    Boreham Cave - a short film

    Hi all, I recently completed a video edit of some forgotten footage from Boreham cave from around 10 years ago. I?ve given CDG members a preview of this and it has been well received and so I thought I?d share it here next. Sadly I didn?t complete this before David Hodgson passed away but Dave...
  14. Chris J

    Daren Cilau Survey

    Hi all, There used to be a survey on http://www.darencilau.co.uk but that website doesn't exist anymore and I'm also not having much luck with http://www.chelseaspelaeo.org as that also seems to be having issues! Can anyone suggest where I'd get a paper or electronic survey and if it's a...
  15. Chris J

    The Great EuroSpeleo Treasure Hunt

    Announcing a fantastic game to keep you all entertained during EuroSpeleo.... The full list of 'treasures' will go up online soon and we'll update both this thread and the facebook page if any of them change at the last minute.
  16. Chris J

    Evening Entertainment at ES2016

    In case the word isn't out yet.... Saturday 13th Opening ceremony. Live band (Retrospect) with DJ Sunday 14th Ceilidh with DJ Monday 15th Quiz, Caving Games and Speleomusic Tuesday 16th CHECC (Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs) night - the students take over! Wednesday 17th...
  17. Chris J

    Caverender Pro

    Anyone used this? http://www.caverender.de/CaveRenderPro/CaveRenderPro_EN.htm cheeers
  18. Chris J

    Orienteering Punches

    Hi all, Looking to borrow a load or orienteering punches for August. Anyone able to suggest somewhere I might be able to get some from? cheers, Chris
  19. Chris J

    Command line for survex?

    Straightforward I assume - but what is the command line for survex? I'm running a Windows PC and I want to try using a spec file for extended elevations. The manual tells me to do this extend [--specfile configuration .espec file] { input .3d file} [output .3d file] from the command line... ...