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    The event is now being held at the Mechanics Institute in the centre of Eyam (opposite the church), still on Saturday 30th September, with doors opening at 15:00. Best bit is that there is a bar on site.

    Entry is free and there will be evening meal also. More details to follow...

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  1. Cave_Troll

    Hidden Earth 2023 - We're Back!

    I think i can remember how to assemble one of the mixing desks. Can take the afternoon off work to arrive early and help set up if required
  2. Cave_Troll

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    The cost of living crisis has reached the point where i can not longer justify heating the cellar There's nothing as sad as a shivering gimp :-(
  3. Cave_Troll

    Found in Peak Cavern

    Finger spool with lead weight found burried in mud in upstream end of Buxton Water The person we thought it belonged to claims he can't tie the knot used to tie to the lead
  4. Cave_Troll

    Buxton Water dam in Peak Cavern

    what's the sampling frequency? When i lay down in the sump on Saturday i could hear the wave running over the top of the dam.
  5. Cave_Troll

    Eldon Hole

    I assume it wasn;'t the DCA that did it ?
  6. Cave_Troll

    Eldon Hole

    New fencing around Eldon Hole. Some of the old fencing wire is in the south gulley. It's out of the way, but would be easily removable if you're not got a load of rope hanging off your harness
  7. Cave_Troll

    white fish in caves

    so are all the white cave fish i've been videoing a seperate population who have lost their pigment over generations, or if you raise a fish from an egg in darkness will it never bother developing pigment?
  8. Cave_Troll


    I was driving past P8 the other day and noticed that the field above had been ploughed. Has this ploughing continued down the slope and which was were the furrows pointing ? The last time i saw this field ploughed they pointed downhill and loads of mud way washing down them and filling P8 with...
  9. Cave_Troll

    Peak Cavern Sun 22-Apr

    Cave diver WLTM "someone" for help with rubbish removal from the Peak Resurgence sump I'll have about 2,000 L of air and rubber clothing You'll have a pair of wellies and some gloves Need help getting various bits of trash (bag of candles, scaf plank(s), rubber dingy) from resurgence either...
  10. Cave_Troll

    worms in Giants

    In a puddle in one of the handholds in the climb up from Basecamp chamber is a population of small red worms about 1.5 - 2 cm long and maybe 1 mm wide. number, nor sure as they're small ... over 50 ? I didn't have a camera sorry. Is anyone interested ?
  11. Cave_Troll

    Spelling and Apostrophes

    This Topic was split from https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=22942.0 which was a discussion about posting messages to this Forum and browser spell checkers. Cave_Troll didn't start this new Topic and is not a Grammar Nerd. :) well for a start the word "pre-decimalization"  spelt...
  12. Cave_Troll

    Hidden Earth raffle

    wrt the hidden earth post card raffle thing I understand i need to check on here somewhere to find out that i've not won anything :-) Will the topic be obvious or do we need to read everything just in case its been added to a topic on access problems in South Wales ?
  13. Cave_Troll

    sink hole

    Report of a sinkhole opening under someone's bed http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-14252489 Look at this video 0:08, That to me looks like someone's bedroom floor with a hole in it. then about 7 layers of brick in a circular pattern then substrate ie an old well ???
  14. Cave_Troll

    lost in Carlswark

    somewhere in the resurgence to Carlswark is my dive knife. Somewhere between what is currently the resurgence pool and 25m in. 1) if anyone finds it, i'd love to have it back 2) be careful when crawling through it when it dries out.
  15. Cave_Troll


    1) I've start removing rocks from the flooded sections of Knotlow. If you're down there, can people not throw rocks back in to the water from the bottom of Waterfall chamber. 2) the last couple of dive trips i've done down there ( going back some months) there has been a rope hanging down to...
  16. Cave_Troll

    Lost helmet

    Lost: 1 white Ecrin rock helmet with at l;east 3 dive lights bungeed to it. somewhere... probably derbyshire or my house...
  17. Cave_Troll

    SUSS 50th

    Sheffield University Speleological Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011 with a weekend event during the August bank holiday weekend. The club was formed in 1961 when it branched off from Sheffield University Mountaineering Club, and has been going from strength to strength since...
  18. Cave_Troll

    old rack bars

    So what's the best thing we can do with old rack bars? A lot of people have long piles of them and it strikes me that there must be someone who can do something useful with that much scrap aluminium.
  19. Cave_Troll

    Trip to California

    I appear to be going to Mountain View, California, for a couple of days in September. If i extend the trip for a couple of days any one got any ideas or contacts for a fun couple of days ? I've thought about hiring a car and going bouldering / sightseeing in Yosemite. I'm guessing there are...
  20. Cave_Troll

    CotPD index

    For those of you who don't know I've finished the index for the CotPD DCA have a copy of the PDF and I think are putting it on their website. I printed some out and left them with Hitch'n'Hike as well. thanks to Stuart for proof reading