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  1. Rob

    Proposed Renewable Hydro Electric Scheme at Cwm Cynfal, Llan Ffestiniog - Again!

    I don't know the area and nuances to comments. However I'm interested in whether you are objecting as Chair of the Welsh Mines Society, or on behalf of them (the later presumably needing a vote amongst all members). Probably a mute point and I don't mean to be rude nor question your opinion, but...
  2. Rob

    Petzl Adjust Review

    4 years on, I imagine a few more people have used either the Adjust or the Evolv Adjust (two in one). Any more feedback from UK cavers? Recently in Mulu I saw an Evolv used for bolt climbing with great success, which is the main interest for me....
  3. Rob

    Rowter Hole Update

    Na, if you're digging, you're winning....
  4. Rob

    Rowter Hole Update

    Sounds like fun! Whatever you do, just keep digging. (y)
  5. Rob

    British Fluorspar

    I actually think this is the main downside. Without the fans we would not have found Cussey nor connected it to the system below....
  6. Rob

    film of 1968 hand winching Seedlow mine. by Pegasus Caving Club

    I assumed because the shafts up there are all on the rake (rather than adjacent to) that the tall ginging is actually backfilling of old open rake workings, to bring the shaft top up to general surface level. I'm sure many here know better though...
  7. Rob

    film of 1968 hand winching Seedlow mine. by Pegasus Caving Club

    I thought they mostly had an additional belay rope though?
  8. Rob

    film of 1968 hand winching Seedlow mine. by Pegasus Caving Club

    Nice video. I wonder what they all found down there. Eldon dropped a couple of the shafts near by a few years ago, but not the main Seedlow shaft.
  9. Rob

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Thanks for the heads up Tim! We indeed have a great line-up with lots to get through so time keeping will be key. To help with this I've already threatened speakers with being barred from the bar if they go on too long, which will be enforced with a permanent marker to the forehead!
  10. Rob

    Photo storage and backup

    I use Dropbox for work and have oodles of storage. On there i have a big folder system of all caves, split by country, region, etc. Very manual but built up over many years. I like being able to access these whenever/wherever, on any device. However in the last few years my folder sorting has...
  11. Rob

    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    Bringing the thread back on topic, the above post made me question the footprint options of getting to Matienzo via plane (Man - Santander) vs ferry (Portsmouth - Santander). A quick review suggests footprint of ferries and cruise ships vary massively depending on loads of factors, making it...
  12. Rob

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Currently there are no plans to prepare any information for sharing afterwards. However if someone has energy to do something suitable I'm all ears...
  13. Rob

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    :beer: I'm happy to announce that the Derbyshire Explorers Forum is back on! :beer: The event is now being held at the Mechanics Institute in the centre of Eyam (opposite the church), still on Saturday 30th September, with doors opening at 15:00. Best bit is that there is a bar on site. Entry...
  14. Rob

    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    Great news. Really impressive progress!
  15. Rob

    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    ... and release more carbon in the process?!? 😳
  16. Rob

    Bagshawe: Gates now secured by Derbyshire Key

    I suppose we should change the area designation to "For Experienced Cavers without toy spanners only". If you need to borrow a proper one, please feel free to get in contact with any Eldon member. We know a big spanner when we see one! 😂
  17. Rob

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum - 30th of September 2023

    30 days to go! Any list of speakers yet?
  18. Rob

    Which drill to get?

    Eldon recently purchased a Makita DHR242Z for all our digging needs which we are very happy with so far. It would be ok for bolting, but if you favour bolting rather than digging then the DHR171Z is lighter. In my experience, "brushless" is a very worthwhile element.
  19. Rob


    Just to be clear, if the SMMC freedive (Boil-up Sump 2) is full (up near to the bolt of the freedive line) it is NOT freedivable. It is plus 12m to the big air bell. Beyond is then another ~12m sump that has an awkward constriction in so we have not put a freedive line through it.