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  1. Ouan

    Guide book to Sicily??

    A PDF of Ruggieri's book "Karst of Sicily: A Journey Inside and Outside the Island’s Mountains", which I think is the one you mention, can be downloaded at
  2. Ouan


    This paper is a good overview of the Cueva del Viento and Cueva de Felipe Reventón cave systems, including a survey and notes on geomorphology, fauna and conservation
  3. Ouan

    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    Out at 00:37 local time
  4. Ouan

    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    If the GPF becomes 'anti-long distance caving expedition' for carbon offsetting and/or ethical reasons, then expeditions will ignore the GPF - any potential grant doesn't make or break an expedition. On the expeditions I have been involved with over the past 10 years GPF funding has been less...
  5. Ouan

    Mining engineer questions

    (I will regret trying to work this out...) Is the depth below surface only 30ft? in the formula:- d is the depth below the surface = 30 ft. 160 is the estimated overburden density which you say should be 150 as you have mainly sandstone. O is the passage width, which if I understand correctly...
  6. Ouan

    Mike Meredith

    An obituary detailing Mike's conservation work
  7. Ouan

    Caving in/from Bangkok

    There are no caving clubs in Thailand, but there are a few cavers based in Bangkok. They can be reached via the "Thailand Caving สำรวจถ้ำไทย" Facebook group, or contact me via DM or the website linked by Leclused and I'll introduce you.
  8. Ouan

    13 Lost - The untold story of the Thai cave rescue

    Another documentary on the Tham Luang rescue
  9. Ouan

    Calling Adrian Gregory

    Hi If anyone has an e-mail address for Adrian Gregory I'd appreciate a PM. I am looking for information on Tham Hoi near Vang Vieng, Laos which was surveyed by a 1996 British expedition led by Adrian. Many thanks, Martin Ellis
  10. Ouan

    Banned members & personal messages

    Can individuals who have been banned from posting still access their personal messages?
  11. Ouan

    Cave surveyor needed for project in Laos

    I received this request from an Australian surveyor who needs a cave surveyor for a project in Laos. If you are interested please contact Dennis. From: [] Sent: 27 February 2006 03:28 Subject: Caves in Laos Hello there, My name is Dennis...