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  1. Cavematt

    Five Ways Pot anchoring 21-22nd October

    We had planned to return to finish Five Ways anchoring at the weekend just gone. However, not for the first time, the absolutely dire weather meant we decided to call it off (nothing about walking to Five Ways Pot in heavy rain appealed to us). Our next target date to finish the work will be...
  2. Cavematt

    Five Ways Pot, Dowlass Moss, Ingleborough

    Hi Dave O Please have a read of this... In summary, anchoring has been complete for all except the top two pitches and a traverse anchor on the third pitch. In-situ ropes on all except the...
  3. Cavematt

    Suspension Trauma

    Whatever it's called (Suspension Trauma was the term back in 2006), it astonished me how quickly it could happen. I was at the top of the Bar Pot entrance pitch, assisting a novice, who had done all the club's usual training, up through the tight pitch-head. She was tired after a trip to the...
  4. Cavematt

    Five Ways Pot anchoring 21-22nd October

    Thanks Alastair for your help on Saturday (and great to see you). Given the forecast and the storm, we were not expecting to get any anchoring done this weekend. Five Ways Pot is, we understand, perfectly passable in quite wet conditions, but some of the climbs do result in a quite a wetting...
  5. Cavematt

    Landjoff suit feedback wanted

    Thanks for all the replies above and feedback. Sounds like a 'L' is going to be more suitable than XL. Appreciate the 'try on and return if not right' offer ActionStash :) However, is anyone able to comment on the 'shrinkage factor'? Tom/PWhole/Alex, have you found these Landjoff suits shrink...
  6. Cavematt

    Wellies new Vs old

    I tend to have three different sets of wellies (Actiforts) on the go... a really good newish pair with plenty of tread for caving in South Wales (or Ease Gill) where there is lots of slippery boulder hopping, a moderate mid-life pair for northern potholing, and a knackered pair for digging. All...
  7. Cavematt

    Landjoff suit feedback wanted

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (I found a six year old thread, but thought a newer one would be useful). Does anyone have any recent feedback on the Landjoff oversuits that are available from Action Stash? For over a decade I have been a strictly Warmbac wearer, more recently the...
  8. Cavematt

    CNCC Meeting 21st October 2023

    The above are valid points. But YUCPC have put forward a well written, costed and carefully researched proposal as part of their request for funding to deal with a complex one-off situation, and I'd like to commend then for this. Have any similar requests been received either on local or...
  9. Cavematt

    BCA going greener (by sending out less green......)

    Not only is this a great move, but it also shows how far the BCA has come in recent years. I recall a meeting during my short tenure as Secretary where I suggested ditching the plastic membership cards. The response was initially tumbleweed, followed by people glaring at me like I’d just done...
  10. Cavematt

    Papua Caving Trip (August - September 2023): Goa Kali Maru

    Well that's my lunchtime reading for today sorted... looking forward to it :) Thanks for posting this Giacomo, and welcome to the forum!
  11. Cavematt

    Thank you HE 2023!

    I am sure it wasn't intentional and I'd hate to see anyone nitpicking faults and omissions in what was clearly meant to be a very positive post. I think it can be reasonably assumed that Hidden Earth is extremely thankful to the traders... yourself included... who made the main hall such a great...
  12. Cavematt

    Giving The Forum A Break

    Hello TOR It is a shame to hear you feel the forum is slipping away, and that you are taking a break. I have always enjoyed seeing your photos, following your updates and your contributions to various discussions on here (even where my own opinions differ). I agree that it would be nice if...
  13. Cavematt

    After The Show.

    Hi Broken Chris, PM on its way to you soon with details...
  14. Cavematt

    After The Show.

    Hidden Earth 2023 was awesome! Despite the later than usual announcement of the date, the lecture submissions were extremely strong indeed and some later submissions even had to be turned away and breaks narrowed to just 15 minutes due to the schedule being completely full! This may have been...
  15. Cavematt

    wellie recommendations

    I have tried so many different types, and I cannot find anything I like more than the Dunlop Aciforts (non-steelie version). However, I am a little limited in what I can wear because I have a high instep which rules out quite a few brands particularly when wearing wetsocks. I find the Aciforts...
  16. Cavematt

    Ease Gill in wet weather

    I''d agree with your judgement. The flooding of the high level route to Stop Pot is a once every few years event. But not being Dales based I can't comment on weather conditions there. Basically if you reach or see rising water on the high level route, namely at Fall Pot, turn around. I'd...
  17. Cavematt

    Hidden Earth 2023 - We're Back!

    Well done team for bringing this together! I can't wait :cool:
  18. Cavematt

    More cave for Jenga Pot

    It’s been a challenging year for digging in the North York Moors so far, but lots happening. Attendance at our Wednesday digging session has remained at record highs, often with 8-12 people turning out each week from York Caving Club and the North York Moors Caving Club. Since May, efforts have...
  19. Cavematt

    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    Ari, your perseverance with the BCA is extremely admirable, and sorry to see that you are still stuck with the BCA IT role in the absence of volunteers. You have done a great job and I'm sure you will continue to do so. Also really glad to hear we have another Y&D officer coming forward too...
  20. Cavematt


    Cavers adopt lie-down protest when they realise the “red-suit-only” memo didn’t reach all members of the group.