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    Hidden Earth Camping

    Then I think you have to park at the camping area only as no car camping in the venue car park - from what I’ve managed to read.
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    Hidden Earth Camping

    Hi, I didn’t book our tickets but what time is arrivals from on the Fri evening? Is there anymore information about camping? I’ve tried looking at the website but I can’t find a schedule for the weekend (even without lecture details which are know are normally not released in advance) - it...
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    SRT training in Brussels (Belgium)

    Koekelberg - every 4 years Fort Barchon - every year I’ve been to Tour du Roton but not sure how often that is.
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    SRT training in Brussels (Belgium)

    It’s a different club to the one that organises Fort Barchon. The Koekelberg is GS Redan - I think they advertise it mostly on Facebook but I don’t use that so I have a friend in Belgium keep me in the loop.
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    SRT training in Brussels (Belgium)

    It was a super event! It’s the 3rd time I’ve gone and I wouldn’t miss it! Press Video here - https://www.bruzz.be/videoreeks/zaterdag-26-en-zondag-27-augustus-2023/video-basiliek-van-koekelberg-wordt-even-klimmuur It’s crazy to think what they allow the cavers to do but it’s open from Friday...
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    Insurance for trips

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of the following insurance? https://www.truetraveller.com/ or CoverForYou Asking for multiple purposes. We have a trip to the Vercor this summer, activities range from and considerations include: Bottoming the Berger Family caving trips Via Ferrata...
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    Club WhatsApp Groups

    Thanks for the replies so far. Do any of you limit the ‘chat’ to official club trips or are people’s weekend and evening plans that are open to others allowed to be posted? One of my clubs has a new WhatsApp group set up and it is being managed in a very strict way which has led to a few...
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    Club WhatsApp Groups

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask if any clubs out there had WhatsApp groups and are these in an official capacity or unofficial? Do you have any rules for your WhatsApp groups? Are they members only? Are members allowed to post anything caving related or just club related caving information? Can...
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    CSCC May 2022 Newsletter

    Had a quick read through but I couldn’t find a way to zoom in/out on a mobile and this made it hard to read fully.
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    Dales to Mendip

    Hi, We have some items in Skipton which we are trying to get to Mendip. Is anyone travelling this way anytime soon? The items are magazines and they can be dropped off at the Craven if that?s useful. Cheers Maxine
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    Caving books

    Just packing up our house to move and these books are duplicates from Toms vast caving book collection. Feel free to make an offer for the entire lot (preferred) or I can split if anyone?s super keen for just a couple. Collection Mendip, or can deliver to Whitewalls end of July.
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    UKC Mugs - thanks

    A cuppa on a Saturday morning in our new UKC mugs!
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    When the unexpected happens

    I found this a good read and relatable to caving trips - I particularly like that the writing is from the guy himself and shows how easy it is to make the wrong choice while actually still trying to think about the risks...
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    Caving Talk on Zoom tonight

    I saw some caving talks advertised on Facebook earlier on this week. The Caving Crew had a social on Zoom with 3 speakers. Joined a bit late but just in time to listen/watch Gwen talk about a 32 hour trip into Daren. A really well prepared talk and lots of well presented information. Plus...
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    What do you wear to stay warm underground?

    This weekend we went caving on a large group trip which wasn?t moving the fastest. It was wet, muddy, crawly, SRT and generally all very fun. One of the group wore the following: Long sleeve base layer Lycra leggings (all we had with us) Polartec vest (same material as an AV furry) AV thick...
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    Mendip to SWCC - for this weekend

    Hi, Can anybody collect a door (2m in length x 0.8m wide) from Cheddar and deliver to SWCC before Sunday? It would be hugely appreciated. Thanks Maxine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Any northern clubs got NY plans?

    Hey, I?m considering coming to Yorkshire over NY. The Craven have club meets on 28/29 Dec. Just wondered if anyone else had club plans on 27/30/31 Dec for some underground fun and indeed some drinks on the 31st. I?ve spent a few NY eves at the YSS (and the Hunters too), fancied another...
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    Caver Post Offer: Dales to Mendips/Wales

    Hey, I?m in Yorkshire this weekend staying at the Craven if anyone has anything they need transporting south I can get it to Wales or Mendip very easily. Just thought I?d off just in case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found: Petzl Pixa 2

    Hi, Some running friends of mine found a Petzl Pixa 2 in Burrington last night. It looks like it belongs to a group as it is marked up with an identifier. If you are missing one please PM me with the identifier and I?ll help getting it back to you. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flying with hand luggage

    Hey, Does anyone know what caving kit I will be okay to fly with in hand luggage? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk