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    UK mine near miss

    If that's the one I'm thinking of - about 15 years ago? - then I remember talking with you shortly afterwards. Pretty sure you were still high on adrenaline (and/or shitting yourself) even days later - a very near miss 😬
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    Cave snacks

    Dried mango is excellent. I mainly eat it post-caving, but works well underground as well. Sweet, so gives an immediate energy boost, but has chewiness to it which I like for hunger cravings.
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    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    The Speleogical Federation of Turkey seems to be providing updates on their twitter (X, whatever) account with pretty regular intervals: https://twitter.com/tumaf1 Some only in Turkish, but the translate function works fine, and their website usually has dual language statements...
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    Leck Fell blocked road

    I’m sure it will! It looked like some initial work on clearing had already happened, but it was a pretty substantial tree, so we didn’t hang around to see what was being done 😉 (It did derail today’s Lost Johns trip a bit, but we found alternatives - just wanted everybody else to be aware for...
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    Leck Fell blocked road

    Road up to Leck Fell somewhat impassable at the moment (noon-time Thursday 10th Aug), see picture. Looked recent, so hopefully it’ll be cleared soon.