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  1. Mattrees

    Great Doward (Pancake Mine) + Symmonds Yat Caves

    It can, mine was relatively recently, against the possibility of FE changing their mind.
  2. Mattrees

    Oberndorf Lift

    Hi all, I recently saw someone refer to the "Oberndorf Lift" as a rescue technique in vertical caving. This is a new one on me and Google only turns up results for ski lifts. Can anyone enlighten me? Many thanks, Matt
  3. Mattrees

    Rustproof harness?

    I'm trying to source an SRT harness with either no buckles or with stainless buckles. I want to leave it in a cave for extended periods without corrosion worries. I'd have one sewn but realise that one could not be sold in Europe without a CE mark.
  4. Mattrees

    Looking for novice cave for afternoon near Matlock Bath.

    Hi folks, I'm have a spare afternoon or two with some 3 keen but inexperienced adults staying in Willersley Castle, Matlock Bath. Can anyone suggest a suitable cave/mine to take them in. (I'm experienced leading others in caves in S Wales and the Forest of Dean but have done little caving in...
  5. Mattrees

    UKcaving rope in use in Otter Hole

    I was fortunate to receive 80m of rope from ukCaving.com for projects here in the Forest of Dean and here?s my attempt to document that exploration. When most of our caves were found, bolt-climbing was hard, slow, work. 15+ minutes to hand place a spit; this, combined with the little puddle of...
  6. Mattrees

    Cave Soundtrack

    Just spotted these on ebay (no connection): https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Caving-Potholing/123469/m.html?item=311884504887&_ssn=locheed
  7. Mattrees

    RF Dragon D1800 - anyone used one?

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who subjects a RF Dragon D1800 to hard caving. How is it holding up to rough use, long grovelly trips in wet caves or weekly digging? Overall impressions? Thanks.
  8. Mattrees

    Otter Hole, Weds 19th April

    Hi, I've failed in my attempts via the usual channels, so I'm trying a shout out on here as a last resort! I'm looking for someone to join me this Weds on an overtide trip into Otter Hole attempting to explore some of the unclimbed avens. Perhaps you're a student or teacher with some time off...
  9. Mattrees

    Water Icicle Close Cavern access.

    Hi, Hoping to visit Water Icicle on Monday, from memory the lid doesn't require a spanner, is this still the case? Thanks.