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  1. hornbydd

    Burren access issues?

    I appreciate this is 6 months after your query here on UK caving.com but I thought I would share my experiences for you and others who might end up at this thread. Claire and I visited the Burren region back in July 2023 and I have written it up on the clubs blog site here. We visited 3 of the...
  2. hornbydd

    Advice on pitch in Thrupe Swallet (not Thrupe Lane Swallet)

    Hello Mendip Cavers, Been flicking through my copy of Mendip Underground and was curious about the cave Thrupe Swallet the much smaller cave near Thrupe Lane Swallet.  There is much discussion on this forum about Thrupe Lane Swallet but not Thrupe Swallet.  I was thinking I would like a crack...
  3. hornbydd

    Just a small warning about the Swildons short round trip

    Hello everyone, I had a crack at the Swildons short round trip over the Easter weekend. I just wanted to say that the third duck (the one with the yellow bucket) was quite high so we attempted to bail it into the dam. A few metres back in the "reservoir" is that pink siphon pipe that I failed...
  4. hornbydd

    Advice on Bath Swallet - Rods throught Trip

    Hello Mendip cavers, I was hoping I could get some advice. I've found out that there is a through trip from Bath swallet TO Rods pot. I've been in Rods pot a few times many years ago so I'm keen to have ago at this through trip and would like some stats from you guys, first one to answer gets...
  5. hornbydd

    Lost bag

    All, I'm trying to find a small caving bag I had, it's blue and orange and about the size that could take a small water bottle and camera. It would have a large HMS krab attached to it. I can only think I must have left it at Penwyllt about 2 weeks ago, has anyone seen it? :wall: Duncan
  6. hornbydd

    Anyone caving 22nd -23rd April?

    Hello everyone, I was planning to pop over to SWCC HQ for the 22nd and 23rd of April and was wondering if anyone was planning a trip which dare I say it not OFD... I've not been down Little Neath River cave for at least a decade and fancy another crack at it or going over to Llangattock area...
  7. hornbydd

    Caving 12th or 13th june?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone was planning any trips from SWCC HQ this coming weekend? I'm a provisional member and have yet to meet everyone in the SWCC so I thought I should post here to see if anyone is happy for me to tag along? Will pay for the inconvenience with beer!  :bounce: I...
  8. hornbydd

    Caving over Easter break?

    Hello all, I'm a provisional member and don't know too many SWCC members yet.  I was wondering if there is anyone going on any trips over 3rd -7th of April which I can "blag" my way onto?  I hope this is the place to post such requests? Apologies if not. I'm quite keen to get into the Northern...