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    Parking for Devonshire in MB.

    Remember a few good nights in the Pavilion. A few pints, a bit of political debate then a punch up...Good time's.
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    British Fluorspar

    And please don't say there is no ore left....
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    British Fluorspar

    No disrespect Nick but a lot of local people don't understand why it has closed. Zero comms from BFL.
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    British Fluorspar

    End of an era....Didn't take long from.closure to getting rid of the plant. Pretty sad if you ask me.
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    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Meat Pie for me please Mark..
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    Dry tooling event at Masson quarry, 7 & 8 October

    I don't think they did last year and it was not long after there were problems.
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    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    Remember that lad Rob digging in Walkers....Water used to come up through the floor in flood. Would make a really good digging site as is easy access. Farmer at Hazelbadge was a loon but maybe gone nowadays.
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    Cussey Pot, Eyam

    I'm out of the loop with the Bagshawe stuff but do you still go through the Bowl to get up there? Is there a good survey on line?
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    Ball Eye Mine Collapse!

    Quarry has not been sold....Been leased to an earth moving company...
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    Ball Eye Mine Collapse!

    Looks like the sale has gone through. 2 machines at work in there today.
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    Ball Eye Mine

    Still for sale….
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    Filling in of Shakeholes behind Hillhead Quarry

    Quite a few of the large shakeholes have been filled in on the Moor behind Hillhead Quarry at 064695. I've got a few photos for reference. Is this actually allowed? Some of these were a fair old size and will now be gone forever.....
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    Bonsall Moor Swallet - Information

    It was Shothouse Springs that were affected by tailings..
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    Bonsall Moor Swallet - Information

    That's a great post. I was about to ask the question where you would find information about the mines up there. I did hear about some of the water flow being altered up there as a result of tailings being "recycled" when Dresser Minerals were in operation. I need to ask again exactly where.
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    Bonsall Moor Swallet - Information

    On another note there always seems to be loads of water in Bonsall. Flowing down Horse Dale and then under the road and also down through the village. Admittedly I've noticed this when walking back from the Mow but are these both Soughs? Keen to hear more...
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    Ball Eye Mine

    Sold to Collins Earth Movers from Ripley I hear. Planning on extracting Limestone…..I wonder if there will be a chance to negotiate the Mine access with the new owners when they takeover?
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    Cave/Mine at Stoney

    Anyone know or had a look at the obvious entrance with fence in front of it at the hotel development?
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    Ball Eye Mine

    Yes there is. 90 acres and it's just been reduced in price...
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

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    Cales dale lower cave

    Reminder to myself to have a walk up there next week.... Reminder to myself to have a walk up there next week....