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  1. gus horsley

    Caving and mental health

    I'm doing research for work about mental health.  If someone asked you to take them caving and then said they suffered from a mental health problem, say depression and/or anxiety, what would your initial reaction be?  Would you be happy to take them anyway or would you have second thoughts and...
  2. gus horsley

    Volcanoes 2013

    Some amazing photos here: http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/12/2013-the-year-in-volcanic-activity/100645/
  3. gus horsley

    free online geological conservation magazine features caves

    The new Issue (no 21) of the free online magazine Earth Heritage, which concentrates on geoconservation, is available here: http://www.earthheritage.org.uk/ This edition features an article on Scottish Caves, Avon RIGS (regionally important geological sites), North Pennines national geopark...
  4. gus horsley

    Tudor farm BBC2 - does anyone know where the mine is?

    Last night (Wed) the Tudor farm programme on BBC2 featured lead mining and smelting.  The farm is in Sussex but there was a bit of film which showed them excavating an entrance in woods which appeared to go into at least 1,000ft (according to the presenter) of mine workings with a stope where...
  5. gus horsley

    Free online university course in dinosaur palaeontology

    I was sent this info from a geologist mate: "The University of Alberta has introduced Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology, a high-quality and rigorous massive open online course (MOOC) that teaches learners the scientific method through the broad appeal of dinosaurs. ?Dino 101 offers an engaging...
  6. gus horsley

    Recent pollution incident: Save our seabirds petition

    Hello. Could you please sign the following link. It seems someone has a great disregard for our marine and avian environment by dumping harmful chemicals into our seas. http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Save_our_Sea_Birds_Stop_dumping_polyisobutylene_into_our_seas/?faFGVdb&pv=17 Cheers Gus
  7. gus horsley

    Natural England Annual Report on SSSIs

    Natural England have published their annual report on SSSIs.  Many caves are included in these: http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/ourwork/conservation/designations/sssi/spotlightonsssisfeature.aspx
  8. gus horsley

    Matlock: cinnabar

    I'm interested in mineral formation and I've read several reports mentioning cinnabar in some of the mines and caves in the Matlock area, particularly Rutland Cavern.  Can anyone shed any light on how it was deposited?
  9. gus horsley

    DEFRA Public Rights of Way consultation

    Defra have launched a consultation on improvements to the policy and legal framework for public rights of way.  This of course would be of interest to anyone wanting to have a say in how access is maintained to caves and how it affects landowners.  However, it should be noted that at present the...
  10. gus horsley

    50 Years!

    Tomorrow (March 27th) will be the 50th anniversary of my first caving trip - Browgill Cave to Calf Holes and I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.
  11. gus horsley

    Earth tides and joints

    I remember reading many moons ago that the gravitational pull of the Moon was (partially) responsible for jointing in certain rocks, including Carb limestone.  I haven't seen any recent research on this subject.  Has anyone done any?
  12. gus horsley

    Midnight Terror

    Did anyone see the Bone Detectives on Quest Wednesday night?  They were in a cave called Midnight Terror (named by the locals apparently) in Guatemala, containing hundreds of Mayan bones in heaps.  The cave consisted of a "ten storey" descent into a fabulously decorated series of chambers. ...
  13. gus horsley

    Countryside Under Threat?

    Our countryside appears to be under threat again. The government is trying to rush through massive changes to the planning system, which would make it much easier to build on green field sites. Experts are lining up to condemn the government plans. The National Trust warns of ?unchecked and...
  14. gus horsley

    New Environmental Law website

    This has been brought to my attention: http://www.environmentlaw.org.uk/ It's designed to explain environmental law in plain English and quite a lot of it is useful for anyone interested in protecting the countryside.
  15. gus horsley

    Hemerdon Mine

    Wolf Minerals have announced that they have secured funding to exploit the tungsten (wolframite) orebody at Hemerdon Ball on the southern edge of Dartmoor: http://www.wolfminerals.com.au/projects-and-exploration/hemerdon-mine
  16. gus horsley

    South Crofty update

    The story so far: The mine was reopened in September 2001, by Baseresult Ltd.  A section of the workings above adit were opened for tourist visits but these have now stopped due to mining operations very close by. In November 2007 a new company, Western United Mines (in which Baseresult had 51%...
  17. gus horsley

    Has the Archbishop of Canterbury lost the plot?

    The Government has proposed that certain people on benefits should be made to go out and do a bit of litter picking, gardening, sponsored cave clean-up, etc a few hours a week in order for them to "earn" their benefit.  The Archbish, in his role as the moral guardian of the world, reckons it...
  18. gus horsley

    Girl dies in mine at Perranporth

    A couple of days ago an 11-year old girl crawled into an adit on the beach at Perranporth and fell down a shaft; she was dead on arrival at hospital.  For once, the Daily Mail has the most accurate coverage...
  19. gus horsley

    Cotswolds rift

    Sorry this post is a bit late.  Did anyone see Country File last Sunday?  Apart from the same bloke who did the DYO lakes in a record slow time (on the previous offering) and used his knees all the way up a Stanage diff, there was a section where the guy who has the Cotswolds Farm had a hole...
  20. gus horsley

    Unwanted Christmas Presents

    My mother-in-law's lost the plot.  Anybody want a pair of Star Wars (TM) socks?