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    Cryptic caves

    Diamond Hall? ['laid' backwards is 'dial' and then work the letters of MHDolan into it]
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    Eldon hole ice

    Where are you referring to? I can't find that quote or image in this thread, wondering if the forum has mixed up two threads?
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    Sunday Times magazine to run Pozo Azul story

    It's on The Times Online, which is included in the subscription, and I'm 99% confident that the free trial sub includes everything in the paid sub.
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    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    Agreed. In fact (looking at the html code) there's no link, just an image.
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    Sunday Times magazine to run Pozo Azul story

    It was in The Times online version yesterday. It's paywalled so I can't link to it.
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    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    Not working for me, 14:14hrs, PC Win 10, Firefox, Chrome or Edge, or Android Chrome.
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    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    I also get that error now - but the link was working earlier in the week
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    Climbing wall rules

    That 'guidance' is very imprecise compared to most things I've seen from HSE. It's even about shelf life, not use life. Fitness for purpose does depend very much on what the purpose is, which probably varies more widely for kayaking helmets than climbing helmets. I was kayaking on Sunday in a...
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    CRTT Updates

    It made sense to me. Perhaps I've misread the NWCRO post the same way? I understood it to mean they were rescued from the bottom of a pitch they couldn't ascend because they didn't have the gear.
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    Help wanted - EN 959 testing

    Ah, I understand now. Something to be aware of in that context is the difference between different types of testing and different levels of confidence in stated capacities. A manufacturer will test to establish conformance with the standard they are certifying to. For anchors, that will...
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    Help wanted - EN 959 testing

    If you plan to use concrete screws, the question should be not whether they can meet EN959, but whether the specific screw you plan to use has been tested for the use you intend, or if not, for a use which you are confident is sufficiently similar. See for example the European Technical...
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    Help wanted - EN 959 testing

    No anchors need to meet BS EN959. There are very few BS or EN standards which are required by law in the UK (not the case in some other countries). The standards represent good practice as determined by a committee of experts from the user and manufacturer community for the standard in question...
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    TG Six Camera Issue

    Possibly a thin layer of oxidation or contamination on the battery contact; after removing and replacing it the alignment with the contact on the camera will be slightly different. If I remember right, OR, one of your TG-6s is almost new, so the battery shouldn't failing, unless you have a stock...
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    9mm Type B rope with common ascenders

    Thank you, Pete, I appreciate that response.
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    9mm Type B rope with common ascenders

    Thanks, Pete. Do you know if there's anything physically different about the way ascenders are used in roped access, compared to climbing or caving, that means they are unsuitable for ropes of 8-10mm in that use? Or is there something in the standards that means rope less than 10mm isn't used in...
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    Grivel A&D Ascender / Descender?

    Just looking at the photo, any grit on the rope will wear the heads off the rivets holding the friction plate in position, so I guess it's designed for abseiling on clean rope only.
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    CRTT zip line - too fast!

    This applies to any natural cave or abandoned mine which is openly accessible. Unlike show caves, places like Go Below or most of the UK above ground, nobody is responsible for ensuring that those places are safe except the individual using them. Knowing how to be safe may require training or...
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    Flintshire Lead Mining

    From the photo of his book I've just found via Roy's link, it seems the plaque is correct with 'Cris'
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    Flintshire Lead Mining

    In the even more unlikely event that someone installs a plaque for me, or posts a thread about my demise, I hope they will spell my name correctly. Did Mr Ebbs spell his with an 'h' as all the posters here did, or without, as on the plaque?