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    Dales to Bristol area

    Then heading South?
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    Dales to Bristol area

    I have a box of field telephone cable and phones to go South if anyone can assist , please PM They are currently in ingleton Thanks
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    Gingling (in situ) Ropes

    These ropes are there to support long term diving exploits at the bottom of the cave and beyond. Sure, some of them are well worn, due to age, wear and tear, and other people using them. But we are still using them , so please leave them alone. They were placed long before the current IC...
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    Marilyn lid pin thingy

    I have stainless steel cable , copper crimps, and a crimping tool to replace both the corroded steel wire and steel chain. Free Let me know if it's useful. Looks like the bolt that the chain and corred wire cable ends are attached to also needs replacing to assist with above repairs. Again I...
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    Hidden Earth - transport cylinders

    Now sorted. Thanks
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    Hidden Earth - transport cylinders

    Hi I'm looking for someone who could pick up a couple of large dive cylinders from Bath/Bristol area and take to Hidden Earth so they can be passed to someone else who can bring them North. Please PM if you can help Thanks
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    Pozo Azul 2023 - Cave Diving Expedition

    POZO AZUL, Covanera, Burgos, Spain. August to September 2023 Not since 2017 had anyone been able to return and explore the further reaches of this long resurgence system. This mainly being because it requires specialist cave diving equipment and experience, and it being more than 9 km of...
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    Kingsdale bore

    I surfaced once from Joint Hole directly into the path of a passing Chaple-le-Dale bore. I was worried I may get washed down into Aquaflash Pot, or over Gods Bridge, but managed to drag/float my way to the side of the beck, and grab some turf ! Witnessed by two amused fellow divers. Yes, it was...
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    BCA AGM 11th June 2023 - details

    "Every single organisation I've ever been involved with has had the same problem at one time or another " Hmmmmm maybe it's you rather than the organisation then, maybe your ideas are so shit that the organisation's can;t bear to see them being proposed. Maybe it's time to move on pal . you've...
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    Transport of expedition kit to Spain

    We have a big diving expedition to Northern Spain commencing early August and have a sh*t load of kit to get out there, not necessarily just diving kit. If anyone is heading out by vehicle and would have space, and be able to assist and transport some stuff, even a couple of boxes that would be...
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    Sheck Exley biography

    is that ' Caverns measureless to Man ' ? If so, an absolute bargain !
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    Pen-y-ghent Pot Derigging (if you happen to be going in there)

    The bundles of ropes belong to someone and are for a diving project, so it would be appreciated if they were left alone. Most long term ropes were taken off pitches, so as not to clutter up the rigging.(hence bundles) Some remain , where natural belays are used. Thanks
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    PCB repair for Radio Location device

    Thanks for the replies, I think I'm sorted now locally.
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    PCB repair for Radio Location device

    Hi I have a small PCB from a radio location device and I've shorted it out, thus it requires some new IC components replacing. I can get the parts, but my soldering skills aren't quite up to it, neither do i have a de-solder tool. An oscilloscope for testing the device may also be useful...
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    Switzerland to UK - package transport

    Hi If anyone is going to Switzerland and back to UK in the next couple of months, I'm looking for assistance with transporting some Lithium batteries. There's quite a few , 21 (but not heavy) so unlikely that you would be able to fly with them. They are on loan for an expedition this summer...
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    Replacement Aladin dive computer batteries

    I've done this in the past, replace battery at home , and refill liquid paraffin. It's quite easy and straightforward, but the depth gauge needs recalibrating, when you do it. I didn't. Hence my computer now reads 5 m depth on the surface !!! It was fine for a couple of dives, then the above...
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    The Deepest Cave - Cheve - National Geographic

    Yes, we ( Jason and Rick - divers + massive support team ) set a Western Hemisphere depth record in Cheve in 2004. Richard Hudson was the other UK diver. This would be the deepest point of the final sump which was in S2. I'm not sure if they have since found a way over the top of this final sump...
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    Anyone Got a Cave, Passage, Formation to Name?

    Hodgson Falls - Robinson's Pot
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    Bouncing metal work

    "Would you use it?" Yes, as long as its not deformed, and the screwgate c;loses and opens easily.