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  1. Jim MacPherson

    Suspension Trauma

    I've had a hypothermic event once and as a casualty I can happily (now) confirm it's utterly disorientating and deeply scary, I had no real idea what was happening beyond my vision suddenly got very blurry, apparently I was mumbling (even more) gibberish. I kept on trying to pull off the blanket...
  2. Jim MacPherson

    Yellow calcite

    Presumably these things are called zappatites or maybe frankmites?
  3. Jim MacPherson

    Scaleburn to Rampgill via Cross-Vein

    This would have been one example of where AditNow's archive was so handy as over the years people attached numerous articles and reports to mines, possibly John Lawson and/or Roy Fellows would know. There were links relating to aspects of their explorations in WCMRG journals but they may only...
  4. Jim MacPherson


    Not least for a record of the people involved for example Eric Richardson around Nenthead, he generally managed a benign smile, and the helpful contributions of people to put names to faces 20 years or so after the event and Legendrider's interest in older cars, which helped date a Beckermet...
  5. Jim MacPherson


    I'm a little edgy about the passive/aggressive tone of a few of the contributers on this thread. SimonRL set AditNow up and ran it for many years and clearly was confronted with a number of issues a few years ago which eventually required a major rebuild of the site. From a personal...
  6. Jim MacPherson

    AditNow vanished?

    That's rather encouraging news, I do look at the face book site occasionally but not for a week or two. Great work from Simon and all others involved. Meanwhile I'll just return to watching the rain. Jim
  7. Jim MacPherson

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Semi-joke but quite true; My then girlfriend and I had been to Ironbridge for a meander and on the way back to her parent's house near Oswestry we passed by Buildwas Abbey at which point she told me, quite assertively, that it had been built by the Crustaceans. That was part of the reason...
  8. Jim MacPherson

    AditNow vanished?

    Another change; "Sorry Page Not Found" No idea if that's good or not. I hope Simon is progressing and more will emerge presently, I rather miss the esoteric posts that populated the site and the captivating photos never mind the fabulous range of erudite stuff various members provided...
  9. Jim MacPherson

    A positive history of coal?

    I'll have a delve over the next week or two but I suspect quite a lot of the more positives may link to the individuals who grasped quite early on what the latent power of coal had to offer. An example perhaps; https://www.ironbridge.org.uk/about-us/industrial-revolution-characters/ There are...
  10. Jim MacPherson

    What is this?

    Could have been part of a cooking canteen, I think we had a couple of similar things in the scouts, a couple of billies and a dixie that sat inside each other, for storage etc and I did have a solo camping set with a kettle, pan and lid that doubled as a plate/frying pan, somewhat smaller but...
  11. Jim MacPherson

    Mining etymology perhaps

    I managed to mishear the comment, I think the word used was "butty" which seems to derive from the welsh word "byti" which perhaps means little mate/pal. So nothing to do with the Durham coalfield and coal seams. It also seems to be the source of the butty boat on the canals. Jim
  12. Jim MacPherson

    Mining etymology perhaps

    It has been suggested that the term "busty" relating to (coal?) mining means friend/friendly/companionable that kind of idea. There are some mines eg Morrison Busty near Stanley and a/some seam(s) of coal exploited in pits eg Esh Winning and Hamsterley (River Derwent) use the word. Does anyone...
  13. Jim MacPherson

    Mining sites around Morzine

    Hi Mike, I have bits of stuff, as some is personal info about the slate mine and contacting the guy who operates it I'll email you via @mineexplorer (can't fathom whether there is a private messaging thing on UKC) when I get a contact number, he only speaks French I'm told, tu parle bien...
  14. Jim MacPherson

    Mining sites around Morzine

    Hi Mike, My son lives just down the road from Morzine so he may have access to local info as his parents-in-law have lived in the area most of their lives. He's away for a few days but I'll ask him next week, so you never know. Regards Jim
  15. Jim MacPherson

    Yordas area question

    Just because I've done some of the garden's grass cutting and somewhat hot and bothered (sun and no rain), a bit about the quarry and it's black marble, nothing about the geology, maybe akin to Frosterley Marble, perhaps a passing geologist might know...
  16. Jim MacPherson

    Yordas area question

    Just to be of little benefit, there is no evidence of dams on the 1851 25 inch OS map and the early surveyors were fairly punctilious about recording things (but it does say the quarry was producing "black marble" so might be a pretty exposure of dark limestone), nothing of the 1907 version...
  17. Jim MacPherson

    Government emergency alert test at 15:00 today?

    Except in Bannau Brycheniog as small particles are bad for that part of Wales/Cymru, will they ban dragons as well? :)🐲 Jim
  18. Jim MacPherson

    Government emergency alert test at 15:00 today?

    I've had nothing, not that I really want a squawky noise, It suggests you need 4G or better and Android 11 or better ( or the iPhone equivalent) so not entirely sure their 90% coverage claim is that realistic. No doubt Mr Dowden is using his "laser" focus to clarify the matter as we speak. Jim
  19. Jim MacPherson

    Very silly pics

    P'raps not quite so funny. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-65274023 Jim
  20. Jim MacPherson

    Eldon hole ice

    "Big chunk of ice in the bottom of Eldon hole at the moment, it would be interesting to see how late into the year it sticks around. I'd say it was probably 5 or 6m deep in parts. It's quite constricted around the ladder but definitely passable to the right. The formations in the ice are pretty...