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    Active Expedition Cavers - The Ghar Parau Foundation needs you!!!!!

    Active Expedition Cavers - The Ghar Parau Foundation needs you!!!!! The Ghar Parau Foundation Management Committee has 4 Active Expedition Caving Committee Members (AECCM) and they provide an important role on the committee. These are people who are currently participate, and have significant...
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    GPF Expedition Science Weekend 28th-29th March 2020

    GPF EXPEDITION SCIENCE WEEKEND 28-29TH MARCH 2020 The Ghar Parau Foundation are please to announce that (in conjunction with BCRA), GPF are running an expedition science weekend to encourage expeditions to undertake a more scientific approach to their expeditions and help further the...
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    The Ghar Parau Foundation Expedition Science Workshop Weekend.

    The Ghar Parau Foundation Expedition Science Workshop Weekend. 29th - 29th March 2020 - TSG, Derbyshire The Ghar Parau Foundation (in conjunction with BCRA) are organising a Expedition Science Weekend to encourage more expeditions to perform more scientific experiments. Both GPF and the BCRA...
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    Hidden Earth 2019 - Scurion Raffle Results

    This year the amazing sum of ?1229 was raised by the Scurion Raffle which is an astonishing figure. The result is entierly credited to Maxine Bateman (with help from Meg Gorry), who's relentless selling tack ticks achieved this figure. A massive thank-you on behalf of GPF is extended to Maxine...
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    The Ghar Parau Foundation Logo COMPETITION

    DESIGN A LOGO FOR GHAR PARAU & MAYBE WIN A WARMBAC OVERSUIT!! With the Ghar Parau Foundation (GPF) now being an independent Charity, GPF need an identity (i.e. a Logo). Therefore we are starting a GPF LOGO COMPETITION, the logo reflecting what the Foundation does or its link to the cave Ghar...
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    Independent Charity Status for The Ghar Parau Foundation

    Since 1974,  the Ghar Parau Foundation had been a sub charity of the British Cave Research Association (BCRA). However due to changes in the law this linked charity status became an increasing operational problem (particularly regards to banking). In March 2018 GPF and BCRA discussed this...
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    Silver Caving Cup - Silent Auction Result

    The silver Cavers Cup made by Samantha Drake  which she has generously donated to the Ghar Parau Foundation was silent auctioned at Hidden Earth 2019. The reserve price of ?200 was announced at the start of Hidden Earth. The winning bid of ?351 at the close of Hidden Earth was by Madphil (a...
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    Silver Caving Cup - Silent Auction at Hidden Earth 2019

    Samantha Drake has spent a long time making this fantastic Silver Cavers Cup which she has generously donated to the Ghar Parau Foundation (Charity Number No 1185385). :clap2: :clap2:  It is a fantastic one off piece, which is hallmarked. She has also made two sets of bat earrings and a bat...
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    Hidden Earth 2019 Scurion Raffle

    Scurion have generously donated another lamp to raffle at Hidden Earth in aid of The Ghar Parau Foundation, Charity No 11185385. It is Scurion basic 1500 set with one battery-module worth ?625!! In addition the winner will be given the latest Scurion tea shirt. :bounce: Other Raffle prizes...
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    Reminder of Closing Date for GPF Winter Applications

    Just a reminder to all those planning Caving Expeditions that will fall between March 2018 and Oct 2018, the closing date for your application to be considered by the Ghar Parau Foundation is the END OF THIS MONTH. That's only 3 weeks time :bounce: :bounce:!!:chair:. Please don't leave it to the...
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    A Golden Age of British Cave Exporation - Grand Prize Draw Results

    Golden Age of British Cave Exploration - Grand Prize Draw Results The Grand prize draw was pulled yesterday evening the 4th of December and the results are as follows 1st  Prize - A trip to Mulu National Park, Winner:  Alex Thurston (Ticket No:- 000487) :clap2: :clap2: 2nd Prize - A Robin...
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    Win a trip to Mulu and support The Ghar Parau Foundation

    WIN A TRIP TO MULU NATIONAL PARK, BORNEO!! (Many thanks to Chris Howes for the amazing photograph!  :thumbsup:) The Ghar Parau Foundation is holding a  Grand Prize Draw with a first prize of a Trip to the Mulu National Park. All proceeds will go to the Ghar Parau Foundation. The Draw will...
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    Hidden Earth 2017 Scurion Raffle

    Hi All, The Hidden Earth 2017 Scurion Raffle in Aid of the Ghar Parau Foundation raised a staggering ?1046  :clap2: :clap2: The Winners were:- First Prize:- The 1500 Scurion lamp] (donated by Scurion): Alex Hannam   Second Prize:- A painting (donated by Robin Gray): Basher Baines Third...
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    Warning: Collapse and unstable roof in Acupuncture, Daren Cilau

    On last weekend?s trip to the REU, Daren Cilau, the Fat Belly Boys discovered that a large section of the roof had collapsed in Acupuncture. The collapse was over 5ft in length with over 1m in thickness of the roof collapsing. It was not possible to pass the collapse. Thankfully, no one was...