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    Rope offer for summer expos

    Imperial would like to enter (very last minute!) our expedition thread is https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?threads/dezela-zlatoroga-iccc-jspdt-slovenia-expedition-2023.30753/ we have received rope through this competition in previous years and it's been a massive help to us! Very excited to...
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    Dezela Zlatoroga: ICCC/JSPDT Slovenia Expedition 2023

    Dezela Zlatoroga or Land of the Zlatorog is the name of this years expedition after the legendary golden horned chamois. Pre expo is leaving in a couple of days to set up the tarps and pray for rain and the minibus will leave London full of kit and people on the 1st of July so last minute...
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    Lost: srt bag Notts 1

    Hi, Lost an srt bag containing a basic ascender, a small first aid kit and possibly a screwgate krab all belonging to Imperial. Some of it might have ICCC on it. Lost on 28/11 in the lower streamway of Notts 1. Let me know if you find it. Thanks, Ellie