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    Caves closest to pubs

    It’s a level inside Hodgkinsons Hotel in Matlock Bath. I did a bit of digging there about 40 years ago and I think someone has done more since, and written it up in a PDMHS Newsletter. I’d look it up but I’ve pulled my CBA muscle.
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    The Lost Spanner

    Welcome back. If only you knew a diver, that spanner would soon be retrieved. Get the magnet out. All the best with the dig and keep the pics coming.
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    Dry tooling event at Masson quarry, 7 & 8 October

    Being a sensitive, easily shocked soul, I had been avoiding a search for the term 'dry-tooling'. Curiosity got the better of me though. Turns out it's the ice-climbing equivalent of alcohol-free beer.
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    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Notwithstanding sensitive sites, will there be a means of disseminating ‘next steps’ and potential projects/help wanted etc for those of us unable to make the event? Sounds a really interesting day and sorry not to be attending.
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    A positive history of coal?

    As a (once upon a time) mining engineer turned brewer, I'm inclined to worry more about the former..........:cry:
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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    No, not really a joke at all. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, when someone is ill enough to require in-patient mental health care, it’s probably best to show a bit of concern. IMHO, recognising others may choose to disagree.
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    Missing sub

    @pwhole I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. There’s a chance you’d also make East Midlands Today, given that they occasionally cover items from that area (albeit on a slow news day). Here’s sincerely hoping we never find out.
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    British geological survey maps online

    What a wonderful resource. Already found stuff of interest. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Advice on getting more sleep in a bivi bag

    Unroll the bag on a mattress, preferably in an upmarket hotel. Make sure you’ve hung the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door, but do set your alarm so you catch a full breakfast. I’ve always slept well in such circumstances, albeit without the bivvy bag, but I’m sure it would still work...
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    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    At the risk of provoking a gag reflex in some, the best treasure I’ve found underground has been some enduring friendships. Far more valuable than ‘stuff’. Thank you to all those (on here and elsewhere) who have enriched my life with their company and insights. Here’s to more fun.
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    Chat GPt - a way to go for reliable information

    Presumably you ought to have one for a baguette?
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    Amazed at the service from Fenix/Inglesport

    Please don't take your hat off in a situation where head protection is required. Just thought that should be pointed out to avoid litigation.
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    Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football games

    Ashbourne Shrovetide is a cracking afternoon out. Going tomorrow to help support the beer industry (out of enlightened self-interest).
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    The Birth Canal

    When folk ask “Why on earth do you explore old mines?”, at least I can show them this and say “Have you seen the alternative?” Just waiting for my porridge to settle again #queasy. But a good laugh.
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    Bricks - original purpose ???

    If this is where I think it is, the bricks did indeed come from the demolition of the kilns, according to the chap who was the surveyor at the mine. He produced a very interesting website with loads of info, but I won’t link to it as the location hasn’t been mentioned yet and I’m assuming some...
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    Mystery object at Ribblehead

    North Yorkshire County Council. Article on it in the Craven Herald last year. You can view the output here: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/road-cameras-and-weather-conditions
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    A new home for DCA's 20ft shipping container

    We’ll take your word it’s a Lanc. Personally I think it looks more like the Roswell photo, so will scan the press for UFO sightings around Bamford.
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    β/γ radiation in caves and mines

    “Prepping community”. Yet another search to learn something new. What’s wrong with hiding behind a door? Just hope I can unscrew one in time, but there’s nothing like a deadline to concentrate the mind.
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    β/γ radiation in caves and mines

    Ah. Understood.
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    β/γ radiation in caves and mines

    Sorry to add confusion. Ventilation will reduce levels, but it depends where the air has been, enroute to the location of interest. In a previous life I was involved in room and pillar mining and the ventilation circuits were long and a considerable area of exposed rock was traversed. Even with...