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    Black Shiver Pot

    I first came across Black Shiver as a scout, flicking through the Northern Caves volume 2, looking for trips to get my speleology badge. At the time I felt I was quite adventurous, we were doing things like surveying High Douk Holes or mapping the entrances of Great douk, anything vertical was...
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    100m of Spanset Premium 9mm : Many Thanks

    Since discovering I was the lucky winner of the Spanset 100m rope competition, I've been waiting for the chance to collect my winnings. I finally got around to it at the weekend, great stuff, I'd like to thank ukcaving and Spanset for a great prize, thank you. 100m, what to do,  leave it at...
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    Valley Entrance

    Mike Jeanmaire + Mike Wooding + LUSS Journal 1 page 10 Gardner J.W. Lancaster University Speleological Journal Vol. 1 No. 2, p.7, Spring 1971 + NFTFH Rowten Pot = Having read the report of the first free dives I followed Mike Wooding and many others in giving them a go. Practice...
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    Re: EuroSpeleo 2016 - sign up now to rig dales caves!

    Me too!  If we cross paths then we'll have to pretend not to see each other!
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    O.B.J. Hole Rigging Guide

    Hello, does anyone know of a rigging guide for OBJ Hole, looking to get through into the Flood Passages?
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    P Bolts

    I split this general discussion about P Bolts from the 'Cliff Cavern Ropes' discussion inthe 'Derbyshire' section' Does the P in P-bolt stand for Permanent?  :-\
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    What is c-rigging?

    What is c-rigging? aaa, bugger meant to be a post on the Petzl Stop long drop thread.  I wondered why it required a subject, logged out mid post, (slow typer) People in charge please could you delete this thread?
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    Wanted an unwanted Oversuit

    Nothing fancy expected, but my chum is seeming pretty interested in caving, and wants to move on from waterproofs to an oversuit though a new suit is too much for me to gift someone, I'm thinking if a old suit which can be patched up is floating in anyones garage it would be a reason to get...
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    Petzl Zoom Bulb

    I'm trying to match a Petzl Zoom bulb so I can buy a few, but the only identification marks on it are the Petzl name and 4.5V. Any idea what ampage the bulb that comes with a zoom is?  It's the tubular and nippled bulb not a spherical bulb. I bought a few from Caving Suppies in Buxton to test...
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    Possibly Silly Yorkshire Weather question

    Is it silly to assume that the weather up in the Ingleborough area has been sunny recently? I've a permit to go down Juniper Gulf this weekend but am thinking that it's a bit rainy.  :'( Has anyone been up there recently? Ian B.
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    Getting lost to the Allotment

    How easy is it to get lost on the way to the Allotment? It seems a pretty easy thing to do to me, I'm wanting to go to Juniper Gulf and the suggestion of a map and compass for the return trip in the CNCC guide is a little worrying. Does anyone please know where there are pictures of the...
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    Call Out Times

    I was wondering what people do as a call out, how important do people see them and how do they work out the call out time? I always leave a call out with someone who knows the call out procedure, it just seems silly not to, but have never changed it if we go to a different cave etc. The...
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    Swinsto Hole Pull Through

    Having never been down here in all the years of West Kingsdale srting what is route finding like if you were to go for a pull through trip? Would it be a silly thing to find your way through 5 or so pitches and not have two non-sump exit options? Ian B.
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    FX2 - Details

    Does anyone know what the technical voltage ratings, capacity etc of an FX2 lamp is? I've picked up an old one with a charger and can't work out if it is all working correctly. Ian B.
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    Dowbergill Passage

    Being known as the possible the best Yorkshire non-vertical caving trip, Dowbergill has been on the cards for us to investigate for may months, but we've always wimped out. We're thinking of a go this weekend, not checked the weather yet so may not be a possibility but any suggestions etc...
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    Rift Pot

    A group of us from Huddersfield managed to get down Rift Pot last weekend. What a lovely trip that is, good old Bernies Chap suggested taking off your srt kit between the first and second pitch but obviously I took that as a challenge and ended up with oddly shaped bruises on my chest, one in a...
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    Rift Pot

    It seems to be me asking all te questions and not giving any other feedback, sorry about that. I've not been down Rift Pot in Marble Steps before, but the Route 66 is proving a big appealing factor, almost as big as the description of the crawl backing up with water being th eopposite!!! How...
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    Sell Gill Holes

    The Goblin/Wet Entrance of Sell Gill, how wet is wet? Is it a case of no go in winter? I've been through the dry and waterless entrance a few times and the waterfall that comes out the bottom of presumably the other entrance is amazing so I imagine it cold be quite wet further up. Also how...
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    Y-Hang or a Bowline on a bight?

    I've always used a y-belay from a fig.8 knot as the main belay to hopefully provide a free hang. I've been noticing people using what look like double bowlines, I think they are refered to as a bowline on the bight, although I thought that meant a half completed knot that then you complete...