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    Maybe he means retired cavers...
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    £12 million pound Public liability claim?

    Anyway, as part of a BMC club organised event they would have been covered by insurance, whatever the outcome
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    £12 million pound Public liability claim?

    We don't actually know what happened & the belayer may have agreed to being sued, so climber could claim on the insurance (I'm not saying that is what happened either - newspaper reports are invariably incorrect somewhere along the line)
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    £12 million pound Public liability claim?

    An interesting selection of NGBs use this company - most still have £10 million (although I expect that will increase at next renewal & I haven't checked all of them, however, triathlon is £15m & Athletics £50m! - they have much bigger audiences) https://www.marshsport.co.uk/ngb-schemes.html Not...
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    Eldon hole ice

    Page 2 - Aptil 18th - middle picture
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    Free food and Beer

    & it was only 6 years ago...
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    Whale tail descenders

    Robin has done an article about it in Autumn 2023 Belfry Bulletin (mrodoc being the editor...)
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    Caving Memes

    Maybe it's their demographic...
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    £12 million pound Public liability claim?

    I don't believe it was outdoor sport related, but noting that a payment was awarded that was greater than BCA max - usually relate to injuries needing permanent hospital care very old post on BMC payouts...
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    Tower Colliery zip world

    From 24 minutes, preceded by Hirwaun Ironworks,, Penderyn Distillery, Merthyr Revolt & alpaca trekking: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0flq9y5/weatherman-walking-series-13-6-hirwaun
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    Time for a Christmas message.................

    Lyrics warning there!
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    Travel might be interesting tomorrow.

    Mendip was very foggy on Friday, frosty yesterday & damp today
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    A Mendip caving history question

    In 2008, there was also: "The “Wessex” Geriatric Group (well, 50% Wessex and 100% Geriatric)"
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    Has it got relatives in NZ?: https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?threads/whale-vertebrae-in-cave.22320/
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    Blind catfish & shrimps

    & in last 10 minures "Makng of"
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    Blind catfish & shrimps

    In Hang Son Doong at start of: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001sxm6/planet-earth-iii-series-1-6-extremes
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    Climbing wall rules

    As the PDF says - it very much depends on the construction of the helmet.
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    Climbing wall rules

    Have you ever tried telling an "experienced" climber (caver) that they are wrong... ;)
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    Climbing wall rules

    Colours used & designs also change over time (if your harness is old enough then it won't have a serial number!) The disintegrating belay may well have absorbed a lot of the force.
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    Climbing wall rules

    We've destroyed many many plastic climbing helmets with a sledge hammer & no matter the age it has taken far more force to break them than your neck would accept. However, some modern designs effectively have crumple zones, so will not protect you as well from a second impact, that would have...