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  1. Mr Dinwiddy

    Stone shelter on Whernside

    Not far from the grid reference are some very obvious and straight peat faces. These peat haggs on todays bogs are often evidence of former peat cutting. This aerial image is from close to the GR. So that might be some evidence that there was peat cutting here but not really any stronger...
  2. Mr Dinwiddy

    Stone shelter on Whernside

    I think its a peat tile. This was a stone drying rack for peats cut from adjacent blanket bog. They are generally shaped like a simple table and are widespread in the Dales. It looks overgrown now. I could be wrong as it would be unusual for one to be several metres wide/long and you said the...
  3. Mr Dinwiddy


    Sorry to divert from Wezzit...... Its easy to look up who farmers are on Magic GIS- if they have an agri-environment scheme. All the land to the north of that valley is farmed by H&M Dugdale and Son, Settle. See attached map screen shotted from Magic. Drop that business name into a mapping...
  4. Mr Dinwiddy

    Sharbutt's 2

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated on your various Portland digs Tim. Your careful description is appreciated and, like all digging threads, addictive. Happy New Year !
  5. Mr Dinwiddy

    Return to Aquamole - The Film

    Thanks Keith, really enjoyed this and I liked the drone footage with cave passage overlays - quite powerful visually Happy Christmas
  6. Mr Dinwiddy

    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    Most of those offsetting companies offer to sort the logistics of planting trees. Probably charging a fee for the privilege. You could short circuit the process and directly plant some trees. There are plenty of suitable places in the Dales and fenced off potholes or areas safe from grazing...
  7. Mr Dinwiddy

    Ye olden days cave names

    Thats interesting Langcliffe, I have a copy of West's Guide to the Lakes (1799) and I was just reading the Addenda - "A tour to the caves in the West-riding of Yorkshire", but in my version it is not attributed to anyone, its just a transcription of a letter to a friend. So I am pleased to know...
  8. Mr Dinwiddy

    Found - Black wellie, Long Churns entrance

    I once found a full tacklesac in in the handbasin. I trod on it whilst wading around the bit just below the waterfall. Only when I lifted it up with my foot it was a dead sheep.........
  9. Mr Dinwiddy

    Deaths Head Tree

    Pitlamp - its a Rowan tree (smooth grey bark and thick twigs)
  10. Mr Dinwiddy

    Filling in of Shakeholes behind Hillhead Quarry

    PWHole beat me to this but there are non-SSSI options below.... I don't think this is within a SSSI. The quickest way to check is the Defra Magic GIS website. https://magic.defra.gov.uk/MagicMap.aspx Screenshot of this attached- you open the Designations tab on the left hand side of the...
  11. Mr Dinwiddy

    High water at Hull Pot

    In a similar manner to The Hungry Trogolbites impressive venture, I was wondering on the merits of kayaking the Hull Pot Beck and doing a circuit of Hull Pot lake. I don't think you would get sucked down into the underworld, it looked quite still on the video.
  12. Mr Dinwiddy

    Goldie and Cox 2000 limestone pavement morphometry

    Hi Rob. Yes I have successfully located it after a bit of beard scratching. Its a hard copy so I will need to take it to the office to scan it Do you need it this week?
  13. Mr Dinwiddy

    Goldie and Cox 2000 limestone pavement morphometry

    Hi Rob I have a copy of this if Phil can't find one Cheers D
  14. Mr Dinwiddy

    Who is this beastie

    We have a badger skull and a couple of fox skulls at home. We just compared photos and skulls. Badlad's is a young badger and pwhole has a fox for sure. We enjoyed those photos, Thanks.
  15. Mr Dinwiddy

    Plastic in caves (split from Solution for retaining a scree slope)

    Am I the only one who feels uneasy about using plastic in digs? Whatever we take to stabilise and facilitate digs we are essentially leaving in caves. I am comfy if this is steel or wood- both biodegrade into compounds which I regard as inert and harmless in the cave or groundwater. Likewise...
  16. Mr Dinwiddy

    caves in south sea islands

    Appropriate for this time of year - a daydream about numerous caves on a warm south sea island. Blue seas and white limestones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbMoEdjuf0g& Its not a film about caving but there is some caving 16 minutes in and an amazing view of the karst and caves at 20...
  17. Mr Dinwiddy

    Looking for caves with LIDAR

    I have been enjoying looking for caves using Digital Terrain Model LIDAR. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=10&lat=54.22479&lon=-2.94377&layers=1&right=LIDAR_DTM_2m The side by side geo-referenced maps viewer allows you to put your mouse on a suspicious dark shadow on the...