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    'Having just come back from expedition jetlagged and pushed for time, I thought adding eight extra pages to Descent would be the best way to get back into the swing of things. I hope you'll all find that the extra hours were well spent'.

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  1. Glenn

    Green Sites Project

    I have a friend out here (Vercors) who has an amateur interest in the relationship between plants and their habitat. I told him about the SWCC Green Sites Project of a few years ago (at least I think that's what it was called) and he would be interested to read it. I know it was published in...
  2. Glenn

    Response to recent comments regarding the CNCC

    Hi all, what follows is my attempt to respond to some of the criticisms aimed at CNCC over the recent weeks. You can argue that this should have been submitted sooner, but not all CNCC officers look at this forum, and those that do tend to be very busy at this time of year. It has taken me a...
  3. Glenn

    Caver Post - Sandbach to Great Hucklow

    BCA has a box of anchors that needs to be transported from Sandbach to BCA HQ in Great Hucklow, by early next week. If anyone is likely to be making that journey and will be prepared to transport the parcel, please PM me for details. Many thanks, Glenn
  4. Glenn

    BCA Membership fees - 2014

    At last Saturdays BCA Council meeting, it was agreed that there would be no increase in membership fees for 2014 - they will stay at the same rate as this year (2013). Glenn BCA Membership Person
  5. Glenn

    Trechnical caving Guide

    I've just picked up a copy (from Expe) of the new FFS book "Technical Caving Guide" - the English version. I've only briefly as yet looked through it, but it seems to be very good, with lots of good colour photographs and diagrams to illustrate the various techniques discussed. The translation...
  6. Glenn

    New BBC programme

    BCA has received a request from the producer of a forthcoming TV series who is researching possible story lines for the programme. They (BBC) have contacted BCA on the off chance that cavers may have been rescued, or involved in other acts of kindness/help that they were unable to adequately...
  7. Glenn

    Looking for Muriel Robeson

    BCA has received a request from Ed Saugstad in the US, who is looking for information on a UK caver (Muriel Robeson, from - at the time, Southall, Middlesex). She was on a trip in 1949 to a cave in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, and Ed is wondering if any UK cavers still have contact with her...
  8. Glenn

    CNCC meeting this Friday CANCELLED

    The CNCC meeting scheduled for this Friday (18th) has been postponed due to the warning of severe weather conditions (snow, snow and more snow). It is hoped that it will now be held on Friday 25th. I will confirm as soon as I know the venue is available.
  9. Glenn

    Do most people rig Y hangs with two loops

    I've split this discussion from "Fusion Knot" http://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=14580.0 Do most people rig Y hangs with two loops (whatever the knot)? I always rig Y hangs with a figure of 8 with the knot at the Y, so there is only one loop. In that way, you can get your hand jammer...
  10. Glenn

    BCA 2013 Membership Renewal Process

    Groups(Clubs, Access Bodies and Associates): All groups should have now received an email explaining the 2013 renewal process. If any group has not received the email, please contact me at; membership(at)british-caving(dot)org(dot)uk Direct Individual Members(DIMs, including CIM Plus)...
  11. Glenn

    KMC - Roof Tunnel Pitch

    CNCC has been asked to "do something" about the tat at the top of Roof Tunnel pitch in KMC. We had a quick look yesterday and have decided to replace the current rope traverse with a 2M plastic coated galvanised steel cable, plus a further cable to provide a safe traverse to the obvious ledge...
  12. Glenn

    Millau 2013

    For information: http://www.millau2013.ffspeleo.fr/
  13. Glenn

    CNCC Rigging Guide Volume 2

    ....will be on sale at the usual Ingleton outlets from Saturday afternoon: Contents here; http://www.cncc.org.uk/tg_locations.html and details here; http://www.cncc.org.uk/home.html
  14. Glenn

    ITV's Take Me Out

    I have received the following from Hannah Tomkins, if interested, please contact her directly; Thames TV, part of FremantleMedia (http://www.fremantlemediauk.com/our-labels/thames/), are in production with the next series of ?Take Me Out?. ?Take Me Out? is an ITV1 dating show hosted by Paddy...
  15. Glenn

    Aquamole Pot entrance

    Following reports of a loose anchor on the entrance rebelay, it has been replaced with a scaffold bar which should provide a better hang. The sling is provided to aid getting out of the entrance.
  16. Glenn

    Lost in Rowten...

    ...Big Gulley Route; Waterproof watch, last seen on first underground traverse - I can supply description and 'photo if required Lump Hammer, last seen on final traverse, must now be at the bottom of main shaft. It was very wet and very noisy in there yesterday...
  17. Glenn

    Cartographic symbols

    Does anyone know of a (cheap or free) source for simple cartographic symbols, trees, slopes, rocks, ruins, buildings etc. I would like to create a free hand-sketch, scan it to whatever, then add the symbols to illustrate the sketch map. There used to be a free down load map making app, but I...
  18. Glenn

    Penyghent or Pen-y-ghent?

    NC and NFTFH have Penyghent, whilst OS has Pen-y-ghent. Is there a definitive spelling?
  19. Glenn


    If anyone here subscribes to Spelunca and has the latest issue (125) and is prepared to copy an article for me, please could you pm me. Many thanks in advance, Glenn
  20. Glenn

    Sell Gill Parking area yesterday

    Did whoever left their helmet and balaclava on the ground by the wall yesterday, find it where we moved it to?