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    'Having just come back from expedition jetlagged and pushed for time, I thought adding eight extra pages to Descent would be the best way to get back into the swing of things. I hope you'll all find that the extra hours were well spent'.

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  1. ditzy 24//7


    When your tired before you even get to the cave. Rest in the sun then cool off in the cave
  2. ditzy 24//7

    Very silly pics

    But it's so nice 🙂
  3. ditzy 24//7

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  4. ditzy 24//7

    Smaller Cavers - Getting an oversuit that fits

    Jumpsuits are good. Mine fits like a glove and I'm just under 5ft 3.
  5. ditzy 24//7

    xl SRT harness

    im a size 24 and find the large size of petzl Avanti too small and im currently needing to extend it with 2-4 mr's. and the leg loops are on the limit of extension. does anyone out there know of a plus size SRT harness or belt and leg loops. i find i hang very far backwords so may need a chest...
  6. ditzy 24//7

    R.I.P Sir Tom Moore

    Captain Sir Tom Moore has died at the age of 100 after testing positive for Covid-19. The charity fundraiser was taken to Bedford Hospital on Sunday after being treated for pneumonia for some time and testing positive for coronavirus last week. Sir Tom?s fundraising efforts raised more than...
  7. ditzy 24//7


    Hi all just Wishing everyone on UKcaving a happy easter. ;D
  8. ditzy 24//7

    Hello Everybody

    Hello everyone As you may have heard I have had serious mental health issues which have caused me to end up behind bars. Nobody can blame me more for what I did than myself, even though I still cant remember lots of it. I am slowly recovering but it is a long journey, and I am still not in a...
  9. ditzy 24//7

    holme bank chert mine access

    contact details are the same/ phone oldfield desighn to arrange keys and permission but they are now charging ?2 a head wich is going towards an altzeimers charity. not sure how long this is going to be in place for but be prepaired to pay. if you arrive in business hours and ask nicely you may...
  10. ditzy 24//7

    my new tattoo

    just had a new tatt done. still needs finnishing off but thought id show you what has been done so far. hope you like it.
  11. ditzy 24//7

    snailbeach 7aug 11

    Recently we were lucky enough to get a club trip sorted for a visit to Snailbeach lead mines. Some of the people did and SRT exchange to the lower levels. We did a non SRT walk around the surface workings and three different underground visits. This link gives loads of info on the history...
  12. ditzy 24//7

    old ash with the 4 legged friends

    saw this in copd and fancied a look. acess is as in the book as we only took the happy snapper i let bri take some pics :D bri unlocking the gate me and the dogs at the gate just inside the gate me with a mined pillar looking back to the gate me at the bottom of a small ramp with...
  13. ditzy 24//7

    gt masson cavern photo trip

    had a trip in gt masson to play with my dslr and got some pics hope you like them  ;D the plank pool me high on the side of a pipe vein large pipe vein artefacts at the washing floor me in the coffin level star blast mark picked out pipe vein timbered level bri in a low pipe...
  14. ditzy 24//7

    un-named cave shelter in stoney middleton

    just up valley from hanging flats mine is a quarried arch/short cave at the back of wich there is a low crawl, does anybody knows the name of this and how far it goes? the arch is about the size of a garden shead. thanks
  15. ditzy 24//7

    Photo trip to Giants

    dashed over to h'n'h to get our copy of copd and spotted 1 error straight away quick bacon bap in castleton and down giants to take some pics with me dslr base camp chamber boss aven decorated passage decorated aven calcite decoration water marks in backwash pool
  16. ditzy 24//7


    decided to have a look in here as bri had a day off work and play with the dslr the walk up was cold and we got some good pics of the waterfall met simonrl, hymac and the others playing with their lamps and fancy dress. i couldnt get a word in as bri wouldnt shut up! we could smell the oil lamps...
  17. ditzy 24//7

    what is this sough

    we were driving down the via gellia on tuesday and just before cromford behind walkers garage there was a hole in the valley side with scaffolding,tape etc, does anybody know what this is and whats happening/being done? it looks like its just by a dam for a pool.
  18. ditzy 24//7

    computer operating system help needed

    help! my other puter has lost its operating system when i turn it on it says "no operating system found" and using f2 in boot comes up wanting a password and stuff. it was on windows vista but i dont have a backup of the os can i copy linnux/firefox/something else from the web to disc on the...
  19. ditzy 24//7

    Iron mine

    Went to the in laws for their diamond wedding and while there we went into an old mine nearby it has been shut since about ww1 but is still solid by a air shaft that has been filled with bricks some bits were wet, it was the water that caused the mine to shut there were air doors and walls...