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    Found in mendip

    I have found a medium sized warmbac oversuit somewhere. If you have lost one tell me where and I will advise where to pick up from on mendip.
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    Berger permit

    Are there any caving clubs that have a Berger permit between 2nd and 9th June? We are visiting the vercors and just wondering if we can possibly do a trip to the hall of 13
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    Helmet found

    Hi we found a helmet in the changing room at swildons. It currently resides at the mcg and we are here all weekend.
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    Scarlet graille

    Anyone know the location of scailet graille i think im very near it but gps data I have doesn't work so I'm hunting. Anyone know? Oh I've been to every boom shop in the vercors and not one of them has any caving guides including expe.
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    Caving in the vercors

    Hi guys after our amazing trip to italy and scicily (it's not that great lol) we have decided to spend the last 4 days in the vercors. Advice on the best area to go for fairly easy non vertical caving would be great however we do have srt gear with us but only have a 15m and 30m rope. Any advice...
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    Caving italy

    Hi I'm currently in the dolomites and working my way down italy over the next week or 2 would like to do some caving. I have information on lava tubes in scicilly bit would like to visit some others any one have any suggestions?
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    Chelms coombe quarry caves

    Would anyone know how I can get access to box Cave?