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  1. global_s

    Bolting Churt Hall

    I know anyone who can get down Garlands under their own steam can do this with their eyes shut, but there is a place to introducing people to caving with a bit of excitement and spits seem all a bit 20th century. I've got the bolts so obviously can do the trip, but wouldn't some nice resin...
  2. global_s

    Petzl Fixe Pullies

    Do they have sealed bearings like the more expensive ones or would they benefit from a tiny bit of 2 in 1 after cleaning?
  3. global_s

    Options for Connecting Jammers

    Most people I've seen including me use a single length of static rope to make a safety cord and a foot loop. Is there any real word advantage to replacing this setup with a dyneema footloop? Is the reduced stretch noticeable on long pitches? If using this setup would there be any safety...
  4. global_s

    PVC suits Warmbac vs Landjoff

    I guess not many people will have had the chance to use both, but my AV Titan is looking a little threadbare and I fancy a second over suit so makes sense to go bright yellow for those damper days. Price seems pretty similar. Landjoff has internal suspenders for what that's worth and an extra...
  5. global_s

    Micro Vs Mini Traction

    Do you carry one and what advantages do they have over each other. I've heard the Micro is more efficient and has the bonus of being lighter for a cravass rescue kit, but does the extra size of the Mini have any advantages. Sorry I'll stop posting kit threads soon.
  6. global_s

    Petzl Pro Traxion - ?30

    I'm selling this as I have to much kit. As you can see from the photos, it's been well used, but I bought from Pete K. Those of you who know him will know how well he looks after his kit and I've not used it much since. I've provided some photos, but if you would like more, let me know and I'll...
  7. global_s

    Landjoff Knee Pads & Mini Bags

    Anyone used them. One of my old ones went missing in Peak Cavern and certainly felt their loss last night. Anyway they seem a good price, but it's hard to tell comfort without trying them. I've got one of the heavy duty bags which seems to be holding up well. Also does anyone use a mini...
  8. global_s


    I don't really like caving in gloves, but in some caves they certainly have there use. What gloves do people use. Ideally I'm after something cheap, tough and are still easy to rig in?
  9. global_s

    Alp Design Avalon

    I old Singing Rock Digger is due retirment and tbh I never liked it that much, it was a pain to adjust and a bit faffy to put on. I was looking at Starless River and these look very comfy, more like a climbing harness and I may be spending a bit of time hanging around it one. I don't do that...
  10. global_s

    Budget Lamps for Group Use

    I need 4 or so new lamps for my work. We don't go caving that often and the Petzl Pixa's have gone walkabout's, so I'd like something that can be bolted to the helmet. We don't go caving very often, so whilst I don't want something that falls apart after the first trip, I also don't want to...
  11. global_s

    Lost Knee Pad in Giants

    Long shot, but I got back to Garlands after doing the round trip today to find I was one short. If anybody else is down there and spots it, then it's return would be much appreciated!
  12. global_s

    Anybody wrapped cells before?

    I'd quite like a second battery pack for my lamp. Frustratingly, despite using 18650 cells, it still needs it's own charger due to them being wrapped. A spare set is 45 Euros. I can buy 4 top end protected Panasonic cells from Gear Best for ?16. Has anyone every wrapped cells like this and how...
  13. global_s

    How many times would you drill a helmet?

    As in mount different lamps? My ecrin rock used to have my Nova, then went to a Petzl bracket mounted Trigon. I'm now selling that and have a Pulsar on route. I'm a little wary of drilling the third set of holes. Thing is the ecrin is still in great condition condition otherwise, only got it 3...
  14. global_s

    Which Krabs do you find last the longest?

    I've been cleaning all my kit today, mostly getting the gunk of where my krabs screw up. What I found quite interesting is that the action on the gates of the ones made by wild country still seem much nicer then the ones my Mammut and Grivel which are more recent purchases. I was curious as to...
  15. global_s

    Would you use Lithium Ion cells after they got wet?

    So during a trip into Peak Cavern yesterday, my dry bag proved not to be as cave proof as I'd hoped and when I stopped I poured out rather a lot of muddy water. As well as a damp sausage roll, my 18650s were a bit wet as well. Obviously I'm letting them dry out totally, but the one that was in...
  16. global_s

    Who has their cowstails on separate knotts?

    It was suggested to me recently, that following the rope access industry we should all be moving to having our cows tails independent. The set up I was shown was still made from the same bit of cord but with separate knots to the central mallion, in The Caving Technical Guide it shows them made...
  17. global_s

    Wanted - Ladder Spreader

    Does anyone have one of these gathering dust that they fancy parting with?
  18. global_s

    Convoy S2 - Impressive Budget "Backup" Lamp

    Thought I'd share my thoughts on a new side light that I bought from China. I've attached a photo of it mounted on my helmet, so people can judge it's size as this can be hard when looking at marketing pics. https://www.fasttech.com/p/1195010 First up. It's bright. Like really really...
  19. global_s

    Rope Walking

    Apologies if this has been done to death before, but I didn't have so much joy with the search. Anyway I popped into caving supplies earlier to pick up a pantin earlier and he suggested that this is a far more efficient way to do longer pitches. It comprised of splitting the rope to my jammer...
  20. global_s

    Short Spanners

    Maybe a bit of a silly request but I'm after a nice compact spanner for tightening the bolts when using spits. I've looked on eBay and they all look huge! It's been suggested that I saw it down or even put it in a vice and hit with a big hammer, but that still leaves the issue of drilling the...