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    Sheck Exley biography

    Finally made it home in time to catch the store still open and the book had been sold - i am now wondering who bought it in my absence
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    Free tripod and a lens question

    - I have a Jessops TOP318 tripod free to a good home. 35 cm long when closed up. - Dales/Leeds/Caver post - I also have an old telephoto lens. It is screw thread fitting and about 25 cm long (no expert on these things). It was used for wildlife photography on old pentax camera bodies 45 years...
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    Goldie and Cox 2000 limestone pavement morphometry

    Hi Rob Happy New year The 122 vol number in your reference means it was published as supplemental to the 2000 volume (which was vol 44)- we don't have the supplemental publications as hard copy or on line access. I suggest you take advantage of Mr Dinnwiddys kind offer. All the best Phil;
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    seeking Duncan Baldwin

    Can anyone put me in touch with Duncan Baldwin? He worked on the Morecambe Bay caves with Peter Ashmead in the 1960s and 1970s. I am told he still visits Ingleton every now and then. Thanks
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    calling cave photographers - tripod seeking new home

    Metal Kenlock 2000 SQ tripod old but in excellent condition. 60 cm long when folded down. Collection or caver post - Dales - ish.