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    Found: Petzl stop @ Heron Pot

    We found a Petzl Stop at the exit from Heron Pot this weekend and it doesn't look like it has been there for long.  If you can describe it, you can have it back! Before the comments start, I mean how it has been customised!
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    Is Pippikin still rigged?

    Evening all, I am pencilling in a trip through Pippikin pot fairly soon, and I was wondering if anyone has been on a trip recently and can advise if it is already rigged?
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    Old Wife Pothole, Great Whernside

    Does anyone have any knowledge of ?old wife pothole? on Great Whernside? I came across it whilst looking at an OS map.  It is just over 1km north west from the entrance to Mossdale next to the track leading up from Conistone . I can?t seem to find it in Northern caves and a google trawl hasn?t...
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    What happened to Great Douk Pot?

    Afternoon all, I was having a potter around near Great Douk this afternoon and Great Douk Pot appears to have disappeared and been filled in (the scaffolded entrance with a ladder attached to the side that used to be in the depression where the Great Douk entrance is).  There is a just a small...
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    Wire in caves.... why?

    Afternoon all, As the title says, I have come across a few caves that have the remains of bell/telephone wire in them leading from the surface inwards (off the top of my head Dow cave, Darnbrook pot).  What is the reason for this ? There seems to be some considerable effort involved in placing...