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  1. Pete K

    Caver Post - Mendip to Derbyshire

    Ah dammit! I'm now back in the Peak after working in Cheddar all week but not seen this post until today. Sorry Alex.
  2. Pete K

    Eyam Dale House Cave - Access Change

    That, and the general behaviour demonstrated by those in the video was what prompted the landowner to contact DCA. Usual Insta "OMG it's soo dangerous! Listen to the smashing sound of this stuff we're throwing down" type nonsense. He understands it was not the normal caving crowd though, and was...
  3. Pete K

    (Winnats head) The wood above the slot in Winnats is snapping, and the slot SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED! A warning to all!

    I've popped a link to this thread on the DCA Facebook page. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention As DCA Projects Officer I can say that this can't really be taken on as a DCA organised job. Shoring up an old caver's dig in a boulder choke is beyond what can be reasonably expected...
  4. Pete K

    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    I've got 3 of the new orange web harnesses for work. The webbing has a slick feel to it unlike any caving harness I have used. It is polyester not nylon webbing which "maintains smooth adjustment over time", and polyester ropes are typically less absorbent of water than nylon, which probably...
  5. Pete K

    Petzl Croll S issue

    Use whatever kit and setup that works for you. Believing that there is only one pure way of doing things for everyone, with one particular set of kit, is ridiculous. They are driving a different set of muscles and bones controlled by a different computer, why would what works for you...
  6. Pete K

    Left handed chest ascenders?

    G Force make (budget) work at height kit and I've used this supplier for lifting slings before. Budget work at height kit really doesn't look very polished most of the time, not if you are used to Petzl and DMM's kit anyway. When I have some money in the slush fund I might grab one to see what...
  7. Pete K

    Petzl Croll S issue

    There is certainly a problem with that Croll. If it is not just dirt or a stone jamming the cam that can be removed, then it is probably destined for the scrap. Contact Petzl or the retailer who sold it to you for advice if it is newly purchased.
  8. Pete K

    2023 Cave Exploration Prize and SSSI Monitoring Draw

    Right, all the image links have been fixed. Thanks for reporting this. I've still got no idea why they all broke but at least the issue is now fixed.
  9. Pete K

    2023 Cave Exploration Prize and SSSI Monitoring Draw

    Thanks for this Mark. I've just checked and the image links on the site no longer work. Oddly they are still visually reacting as links should when you mouse over them, but the destination URL is gone and so they don't send you anywhere if you click. I've just edited one to put the URL back in...
  10. Pete K

    Gt Masson land and quarry for sale?

    Has been on the market for several years. I think it failed to sell at auction a couple of times.
  11. Pete K

    Nant y Mwyn Lead Mine

    That ship has definitely sailed already.
  12. Pete K

    Maskhill Mine - collapse reported in entrance shaft 16/11/23

    Not yet. The next thing on our jobs list after this week will be to send in a couple of probes with a camera and assess what needs doing to make it all safe again.
  13. Pete K

    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    That's a human error issue! Well spotted. I've linked it back to the right page now.
  14. Pete K

    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    I have flagged this thread to the DCA web expert. Ta.
  15. Pete K

    Notification of Derbyshire Caving Association Meetings on Monday 19th February 2023

    It seems to be working right now (PC / Win 11 / MS Edge), although a little slow to load. If the problem persists for you or returns, do let us know and we'll investigate further.
  16. Pete K

    DMM worksafe plus

    Tough, good price, but gets stiffer and stiffer over time.
  17. Pete K

    Garlands Pot anchors

    'Dry weather Y-hang' option on the topo, with ladder on the upper RH Y-hang bolt I recon. As someone who regularly ladders clients up there, I think that's possibly going to be the optimal way of doing it. I think that would give a good ladder hang so you don't trap fingers on the chert/basalt...
  18. Pete K

    Garlands Pot anchors

    Sorry, typo. I meant 20m.
  19. Pete K

    Garlands Pot anchors

    25m is the total rope length. No doubt it is possible to rig using less anchors and a shorter rope, but 25m will cover what is on the published topo.