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  1. Katie

    BANFF in Buxton next week - featuring a caving film

    Just a heads up that BANFF film festival tour will be at Buxton Opera house next Wednesday: https://buxtonoperahouse.org.uk/event/banff-mountain-film-festival-world-tour-blue-2024 This features a 40 minute caving film: https://www.banff-uk.com/subt-teaser If you aren't near Buxton they are...
  2. Katie

    Breakthrough in Mulu

    Hope it didn't wash the beer away!
  3. Katie

    I am a student caver

    No idea about UKC users but I can tell you BCA club members! In 2023 11% of BCA club members were full time students.* And 2.5% were under 18. * this is the number who pay student fees - may actually be higher if some students just sign up as caving members. Also doesn't include individual...
  4. Katie

    what is wrong with bogfarts roaring

    And the whole of Stoney Middleton catchment ;)
  5. Katie

    Caving Memes

    You can send it to your club members, and I can send it to all the club secretaries ;-)
  6. Katie

    Caving in a hall ideas please

    It has been to Ingleton Underground Overground - but not since about 2012 I think? Did you make it through with bump? I made it a personal challenge to get through heavily pregnant for all 3 babies :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: The email address emails me - so feel free to ask any questions - even if...
  7. Katie

    Caving in a hall ideas please

    The BCA does have a cave! It gets lent out for events, but probably goes to more scout events than anything else and the cubs/ scouts love it! It is probably too much to come and get it (from Derbyshire) for an evening event - but you may have any scouts camps etc that is might be useful for...
  8. Katie


    Given the 'missing' photo I reckon there is a good chance Nessie doesn't want to be rescued and hides in a rocky alcove when they hear the rescue party coming :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  9. Katie

    Tips on renting a field for a caving event in Derbyshire

    No idea if they are any good but i have seen these advertising - they hold some big events in their fields near Wardlow: https://www.fieldsforvenues.com/
  10. Katie

    DCRO training in Bagshawe this Saturday (18th November)

    Hi all, Just some advance warning that DCRO have a planned training session in Bagshawe Cavern this Saturday (the 18th November) There is no problem with other cavers using the cave that day, but the parking will be busier than usual and there might be delays/ waits in any of the areas where...
  11. Katie

    BCA going greener (by sending out less green......)

    I suspect something similar is the fate of a lot of BCA cards. Which is why we are keen to get rid of them. I realise some caves/ landowners do like to see them, but hopefully they will accept the new electronic cards instead. However I suspect the vast majority of cavers probably never use...
  12. Katie

    BCA going greener (by sending out less green......)

    We will just have to wait and see on this one, although we are definitely not early adopters of e-cards so hopefully most people will have got their heads around them by now! I think the online covid pass system will have got a lot of people used to the idea pretty quickly.
  13. Katie

    BCA going greener (by sending out less green......)

    Thanks Chris - if that is the only criticism I get from this post I will be very happy :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  14. Katie

    BCA going greener (by sending out less green......)

    Hi all, For 2024 BCA have voted to become greener by sending out less plastic cards. Currently the BCA posts out over 7000 plastic cards per year, and the majority of these are green 'club caving member' cards (hence the title of this post!) These cards are only used for a maximum of one...
  15. Katie

    Publications and books seek new home!

    A fantastic Hidden Earth in Gordano saw the British Caving library manage to re-home a HUGE amount of duplicate books and publications. However a small amount came home with us to the library. This duplicate stock is now looking for a new home. It is available to clubs or individuals and...
  16. Katie

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Does the winner host the event next year? Or is that a job for the loosing club..........
  17. Katie

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday and made a donation! The Eldon PC had decided to pay for all the food so all the donations are for Derbyshire Cave Rescue. A total of £381.38 was raised! Also donated was 10.03 in Euros :ROFLMAO:......... As an Eldon member and a DCRO controller...
  18. Katie

    Caver post - 2 small boxes from Derbyshire to the Dales (Ingleton area)

    Hi all, Looking for transport from Derbyshire to Ingleton for some boxes of Ghar Parau cards. If anyone Derbyshire based is going to the Dales soon? Or if anyone is attending the Derbyshire Explorers forum this weekend and then going to the Dales soon? Thanks!
  19. Katie

    Looking for Cerberus members!

    Thank you Ali! It is Graham I have emailed but I haven't had any reply - and I was only going to bring them to Hidden Earth (they will fill my boot!) if I was sure someone would be able to collect. Sounds like all is well and I should put them in.
  20. Katie

    Looking for Cerberus members!

    Hi all, I am hoping the UKcaving community can help - I am trying to make contact with Cerberus members. The British Caving library have been collecting publications we have spare for the Cerberus library, as much of their library was lost to a flood a few years ago. Twice we have delivered...