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    Caves closest to pubs

    it is classified as a cave in the Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan guidebook
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    Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit

    drink from the chalice of Beelzebub? that may explain the other worldliness i experienced the day after.
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    Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit

    To whom it may concern. I was very happy to discover the Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit I gained upon entry to HE. However there appears to be on inherent fault with it. Theres a very large hole in it. Each time I placed my cup down there would be less and less liquid contained...
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    Underground mechanic required.

    Do you like been underground? Do you like fixing things? like big diesel hydraulic machines? If so you might consider joining a small crew of miners down in Corsham, near Bath. We are extracting Bath limestone blocks with large robot chainsaws, moving them around with air cooled Deutz engined...
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    Mexican mine rescue on going 21 Aug 2022

    I'm seeing news of a flooded coal mine in Mexico, with divers going in to help rescue. Vice news seem to have latest English reportage of it thus far..... https://www.vice.com/en/article/4ax3jm/mexico-miners-trapped . Does anyone know better? I'm putting together a little round up of H&S news...
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    Hoosletter March 2021

    Gday y'all heres the most latest newsletter from Irelands only caving hut.(see PDF file link at the bottom of this message)  every so often a wee newsletter is published by myself the Warden of the Hoo. Sorry for lack of human interest stories or cave stories for that matter, but the place has...
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    Hoo spring work party 2019 6-7th April

    yes that's right all yee cave chumps of Ireland. The Hoo is having a workparty this 6-7th April. All volunteers are welcome. We aim to finish the central heating system, install a new fire place and break ground on the gas powered showers project. There's logs to cut and stack. Walls to be...
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    Caving hut in Ireland

    Hello y'all. The Hoo is the only dedicated cavers hut in Ireland. Irish cavers have been using it as an accommodation base for exploring caves in Fermanagh, Cavan and nearby counties.  It is not but 700m from the Marble Arch system and has caves so close to its front door that they are...
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    SUICRO 2017 Irish caving forum

    Cancel that wedding, reshedule that surgery,  put that corpse on ice.Yes its the biggest Irish caving event of the year. Read all all about ere.... https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=22354.0
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    SUICRO 2017 Irish caving forum 27th-30th Oct

    SUICRO is the snappy, quick, efficient way of saying Speleology Union of Ireland - (controversial hyphen) Irish Cave Rescue Organisation annual get together of cavers and underground explorers in Ireland. This years its been held in Garrison in Fermanagh, near the border with the republic in...
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    self emptying bottom dumping rail car

    It may be wishful thinking, the dig I'm on has got far enough, is straight enough and has the room for narrow gauge railway. Ultimately I'm wanting a system that one person can control, loading, hauling, emptying and empty return wagon without the need for that person to relocate. Can anyone...
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    ICRO search success in Clare

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    Hillside rescue of cavers

    http://www.leitrimobserver.ie/news/local-news/cavers-plucked-to-safety-in-dramatic-mountain-rescue-1-6600721 Old news . but relevant as a whole new spate of 'git orf my lan' signs have been erected . It is recommended that folks lay off Benwiskin and surrounds for a while.
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    Ringlit KL6LM LED Miner Headlamp

    Has anyone come across these? They're on amazon for circa 37quid including mains and 12v charger. Are they worth a punt? I'm looking to use it for digging say 4-6hours a day. So do not need distance just immediate work space and peripheral lighting. Cheers Sean.
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    2014 Student Caving Forum

    Yes, its that time of year again. The annual Irish Student Caving Forum. Returning to Kiltyclougher for the 18th to the 20th of April 2014. Expect caving, talks, workshops, entertainment, food of cavernous proportions, socialising with many different types of student; Irish, English, Welsh...