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    Kingsdale Master Cave incident on Sunday (06/08/23).

    I, of course, have only ever used it as a navigation aid...
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    Kingsdale Master Cave incident on Sunday (06/08/23).

    Is the in situ rope still usable?
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Someone more knowledgable may provide better info but I think the elegant pulley system is not in any way functional at the moment and I don't know how you would fix that. If you approach from Croesor you will need a boat or a willingness to swim to go and get the existing boat. Freeing the...
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    Protecting Flashguns

    I use Yongnuo flashes and I used to put them whole into a Peli 1060 case. If you get the transparent option and cut out a bit of the rubber insert then it seems to let through enough light. That worked well but the 1060 case is quite large and there was a decent amount of wasted space left in...
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    We could see the half of the boat in the distance and it was above water. I'm not familiar with the mine so I can't say if it was floating or on a shallow bit. We pulled the only cord that crossed the pool quite hard but there was zero movement from the boat and the cord went round the corner...
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    An FYI that we attempted a through trip through Croesor but the boat for one of the pools is very stuck on the Rhosydd side. We debated going for a swim but decided to go back out Croesor. Still a great trip in a very picturesque mine.
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    Disto X2 battery

    Ordering today :)
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    Disto X2 battery

    Ah nice. I think I would need to place the order relatively soon so I will let you know. Another one or two people would make that postage cost a lot more palatable!
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    Found - Camera in Agen Allwedd

    We found a camera tucked away on a shelf in Biza passage. I think we left it at Whitewalls so if you are not local and want to claim it I think get in contact with the hut warden John.
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    Disto X2 battery

    Is there any chance you would need one of the non-magnetic batteries? https://www.powerstream.com/non-magnetic-lipo.htm I'm hoping to find some people to put together an order with to split the postage.
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    Disto X2 battery

    Just so I know where to find this I think the correct battery is the PGEB-NM053040 and it is available here: https://www.powerstream.com/non-magnetic-lipo.htm $20 each but $60 for shipping 😓
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    Disto X2 battery

    Hey, If you haven't yet found one I also am looking for two batteries. If no one has any around we could put together an order and save some postage? Rhys
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    LOST: Karabiner and sling in Swinsto

    TLDR: One carabiner with "glow in the dark ghosts" duct tape on it and one red/white sling attached to said carabiner were left behind attached to the pull through bolts half way down the big split pitch in Swinsto. I would be grateful for a return. I am mostly at the NPC but will pick up...
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    Therion - create centerline svg with stations as objects?

    Hello, Currently redrawing old surveys in Therion. The workflow is: 1) Export centerline to svg 2) Open in inkscape using therion plugins 3) Using the svg as a trace mark all the stations as station objects 4) Draw the passage around the centerline 5) Save as th2 Step 3 seems unnecessary. Is...
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    Wanted: DistoXs

    Hey, I'm looking for any DistoXs that people are willing to part with and that are in basically any condition (preferably working but happy to do some repair work as well). Let me know if you've got any going spare and what sort of price you'd want. Thanks, Rhys
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    Swildons short round

    Has anyone ever done the Swildon's short round in just pants? I'll allow wellies.
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    Lost: Light in Psycho Crawl

    I had two unbranded lights attached to my helmet in Psycho crawl in Penyghent. Both fell off in the struggle but I only noticed one and so one was left behind. I imagine it is somewhere in the 'waterlogged struggle' (as described by NFTFH). They were cheap things from China but I would be quite...
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    Dyneema shock/safety cords

    I've seen some SRT set ups using a dyneema shock/safety cord to attach the hand jammer rather than the dynamic rope. This seems like quite a tempting idea to reduce bulk but is it safe? The name 'shock' cord does imply that perhaps some stretch is good, but how much shock absorbing can ~1m of...
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    What is this thing? A speleothem(?) found in King Pot..

    Hey everyone, On a recent trip to King Pot whilst waiting for some rigging my friend dived up a disgusting looking inlet and found a small, closed fist size formation on the floor. Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wW4IFn8FyOGj679j1 The material was solid but the details small enough...
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    Lost: CT foot jammer

    I lost a CT foot jammer. It is probably in the  Bull Pot farm car park somewhere but might be between BPF and Lanc. It is orange and has a distinctive rub point on the ankle strap where it is almost half split. Thanks for any help. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk