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    Using a 7m Telescopic Ladder

    We have one of these at work for accessing the loft in our studio, it always bends and bounces alarmingly, but seems to hold fine...
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    Craig A Ffynnon - Fixed line Damage

    I had a great trip down Craig A Fynnon at the weekend with the Bracknell District Caving Club.  Three of us made the trip to Helictite Passage and back safely. We noted that there are two ropes on the 15m pitch just before the second boulder choke.  One is knotted to provide a handline, the...
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    Otter Hole - Connection with a stream sink?

    I've been watching Sid Perou's videos in my lunch breaks, and cracking videos they are. I've just finished the Otter Hole video from 1982.  You can watch it here - I wondered, was the sink ever connected with Otter Hole?  I can't immediately find...