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    Descent-Back issues.

    I have an ALMOST complete collection of Descents from issue 12 to the present. For full details contact me on RJohnCave at AOL dot com. Offers welcome . All income to DCRO. Coming to the DCRO 60th they could be delivered free!!
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    DCRO Giants Hole Exercise

    A rescue exercise will take place in Giants Hole this coming Saturday 15 September commencing at 1000. It would be helpful if casual visitors avoided the system between the hours of 10 and 4. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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    We now have a set of accurate CO2 readings for the Knotlow - Hillocks system thanks to Masson CG. Readings taken on Sat 4 August. Surface O2 20.9 % Knotlow Base of Climbing Shaft O2 19.0% Chain Passage O2 17.4% 6m down 210 O2 19.0% 18m down 210 O2 18.6% Hillocks Entrance Chamber O2 20.6%...
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    URGENT --take care in JH

    Message received last night: I went down JH today, whilst i was de-rigging Bitch Pitch, I heard a loud rumble just underneath the second re-belay, i think all the nasty stacked deads have gone down the pitch, this went on for several seconds, i didn't investigate because of the danger, but i...
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    Descender Swinsto

    The descender I recovered from Swinsto is at Inglesport awaiting collection. Ralph J
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    Free to good home!

    Loads of back copies of "Caves and Caving" (and "Cave Science"). Collect or I can deliver to Castelton or Ingleborough. RJohnCave at AOL dot com
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    Missing tackle bag JH

    Tackle bag taken from JH. Please refer to the posting in the Derbyshire Section.
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    Can I have my tackle bag back please?

    As many of you know JH was left rigged for several weeks while a number of cavers from several clubs were working on The Boulder Piles. This work is now complete and JH is no longer rigged. However one of the tackle bags has gone missing. The bag was left at the foot of Bitch Pitch but was...
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    Battery box

    Small custom made battery box marked "Traveller" found in/near Hillocks.
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    On a trip into Lower Long Churn last Sunday (4 Dec) I was disappointed to notice an outbreak of fresh graffiti (most of it  ** loves ** etc) some of it dated as recently as 2011. We managed to remove some of it but a wire brush might remove the rest. It's in a dry alcove on the right heading...
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    Apparently the rope on Bitch pitch is in a dangerous condition. It's continued use in not advisable. RJ
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    Smeltmill Beck

    Sam (Allshorn). Can you contact me on Rjohncave at aol dot com re Smeltmill Beck access. Ralph J
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    Notts 2

    On Sat last due to a misunderstanding we left a ladder behind which is now on the final drop into Notts 2. If the next group in could recover this and leave it at Inglesport I would be very grateful. Ralph J
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    Valentines Sump

    It's many years since I did a trip through Valentines exiting via Geology as  some years ago it became impossible to bale out the sump when the drain hole got blocked. Is this still the case? Ralph J
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    Smeltmill Beck

    The landowner for Smeltmill Beck Cave near Brough, has requested that all Cavers are required to seek permission to descend this cave. Contact number is John Lord  Landline : 01768341686  Mobile : 07812364997.  Please let John know after exiting the cave. Can all cavers park on the edge of...
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    Titan & JH

    Is anyone planning on doing Titan and or JH in the NEAR future? If so I need a SMALL favour doing! Either collar me at the DCRO training tonight (Monyash 7.30pm) or the usual RJohnCaveATaolDOTcom
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    Lead Vein in Speedwell

    If anyone happens to know "Luke" who went into Speedwell sometime April - May 2010 maybe you could point out to him that scrawling ones name "Luke 2010" on the cave walls is not  acceptable in this day and age. This recent  graffiti is close to the miners inscription AND the recently damaged...
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    The top 3 courses of The Bung (Speedwell) are loose. Please try and avoid using it for a week or so- repairs are in progress. If you do use it do so with care. ALSO - if anyone knows who has been chiselling away at the lead scrin close the "The Miners" inscription let's "name & shame" 'em. It...
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    In addition to an incredible amount of litter I came across a couple of abandoned ropes is Suicide Cave yesterday. One (dynamic) appeared to be rigged for a pull- thro!! If they're yours you know what to do!
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    If you are doing LLC - Alum via the "Greasey Slab Alternative" take care! If you are on the final bolt of this pitch look to your right-the boulder there is rather precarious (some of it has already fallen away) if it falls anyone on the pitch will suffer serious injury (or worse) and the...