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    Underground Communications Equipment

    A revision of the ECRA Comms Catalogue is underway and will be out before Easter. The current version is at
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    Cave rescue - Krizna Jama - Slovenia

    On way out now -expected surface in one hour so say 1500 GMT Monday 8th Jan.
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    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    Latest update just uploaded at 10:00
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    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    A bulletin has been issued by the ECRA:
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    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    Please check with the ECRA page for rescue details at There is a build up of teams from around Europe on this rescue.
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    International Cave rescue in Turkey started 2nd Sept '23

    Moderator - can you please limit or stop comments please. This is a sensitive rescue and we wish to reduce media discussion. Pete A
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    Hedgehog plea

    Agreed - beware of all wildlife. Have recently had the pleasure of turning from Newby Head into Dentdale at dusk to encounter what was possibly a family of barn owls - 5 of them. They were on the road as a group - most flew off but one was a bit slow to take to flight - a fledgling perhaps.
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    Incident at Alum Pot / Long Churn

    Report now on the CRO website at Pete
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    Quick question for CRO members

    send a message to and will provide info Pete
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    Roy Holmes - 1941 to 2022

    As mentioned by cavingbiker, the plans have changed. These are the new provisional plans subject to confirmation of the arrangements for the State Funeral of Her Majesty the Queen. Roy Holmes 1941-2022 Funeral arrangements The funeral will take place at Skipton Crematorium at 3 pm on...
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    Roy Holmes - 1941 to 2022

    The memorial wake is now confirmed as the Hotel Rendevous on Keithley Road in Skipton following the funeral. As above please let me know if you wish to attend so we can get the catering numbers correct.
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    Roy Holmes - 1941 to 2022

    It is with the deepest regrets that I report the death of Roy Holmes. Roy passed away Tuesday 6th September in Lancaster Hospital. I have been caving with Roy for over 30 years now and together we have made some small progress in exploring the caves in Dentdale. Roy spent a period as chairman...
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    Ibbeth Peril to Upper Hackergill

    Ibbeth I to Ibbeth 2 to Upper Hackergill ========================== The original exploration of the the Ibby 1 to 2 connection was done from Ibby 2. After re-opening Ibby 2 and exploring the rest of the known cave, we checked the passage going back under the pitch (roughlly in a southerly...
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    Ibbeth Peril to Upper Hackergill

    Ibbeth 2 ====== When we started the additional exploration of the Ibbeth system back in the early 90s, Ibbeth 2 was also blocked at the low section between the entrance and the choke leading to the larger passage beyond and the pitch. Some desparate digging in very unpleasant conditional saw us...
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    Station inn ribblehead

    They allow camper vans on the car park. The land outside the Station Inn does not belong to them so they have no control as such.