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    Welsh Wezzit

    Blast, I'm going to have to find another now. Won't get a chance to fire a while so if anyone wants to jump in, feel free.
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Powell's Cave?
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    Photo storage and backup

    I have Amazon Prime and that comes with unlimited photo storage. Add it to multiple devices and any photos taken or added get uploaded. I suppose I may have to consider what to do if I ever get rid of Prime but I'll worry about that when that time comes.
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    Volunteers for Just a Minute panel

    He definitely needs a Samantha.
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    Volunteers for Just a Minute panel

    DOH! I've PM'f you.
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    Volunteers for Just a Minute panel

    I wasn't going to this year, but if you can't find anyone else, give me a shout.
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    Hidden Earth Camping

    What in this school that to be honest, looking at the map on the Facebook page, doesn't look all that large.
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    Hidden Earth Camping

    And are there any limits to size of unit and numbers if bringing camper/motorhome? Not going to be happy if I turn up and have to go home again because I can't park up.
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    Helmet recomendations

    What's wrong with a builder's helmet with the peak cut off and a bootlace for a chinstrap? :unsure::ROFLMAO:
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    Hidden Earth Camping

    Just bought my ticket for the weekend. Was hoping for a bit of extra info about camping. I'm bringing the camper and wondered what time I can park up or do I have to wait until 8pm to register and then go find a spot?
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Ah, Ah, I think I know where in that case. I'll leave it for a bit though as I don't have much in the way of photos at the moment.
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    Caves in Peat?

    Siambri Ddu near Draenen has a number of formations that are formed from mud and peat from the surface above. Quite colourful as well. Check out Chunky's recent photos that show them.
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    Welsh Wezzit

    I only have a vague idea but that is some true artistry. :D
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    Welsh Wezzit

    Yes! Huge has it. 😁
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    Welsh Wezzit

    By damn, this has lain desolate for quite some time now. Last I saw this, I was about to take a leave of absence from reality for a while. Anyway, note that the subject is wearing a harness and that this is Wales. Can't be many candidates for it.
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    Eglwys Faen

    Watch what? Or am I being blind?
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    Craig a'Ffynnon access

    Not the brightest then to be wielding a sledge hammer with the state of the rock above there. Any theories as to why OCAF has suddenly started to get this unwelcome attention? The gate has been there for decades without any problems, is it because the lock has been changed and some scroat with...
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    Welsh Cave Anagrams

    We (Brynmawr Caving Club) had one of our regular Zoom meetings tonight and I was down for the quiz. One of the rounds I came up with was an anagrams round. Sixteen Welsh cave names in anagram form. I won't say what the highest score was but I thought it might be fun to post it here and see if...
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    Cave of South Wales Talk

    A few months ago, two of our members (BCC) were preparing to enter Ogof Draenen (the original entrance  8) ) when they fell into conversation with some members of Gwent Mountaineering Club. The GMC members mentioned how they often come across holes in the ground as they wander over the South...
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    OFD and DYO Superimposed on OS Map

    Hi all, Has anyone got or can point me towards a map that has the DYO and OFD passages superimposed on it to show the extent of them and where in relation to surface features they lie? I don't need anything super accurate, I just want to be able to show where they are for a talk I'm giving on...