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    Statutory Licensing of Welsh Club Huts

    Beyond 2030 this issue could be irrelevant due to the lack of EV charging as it is being proposed to limit chargers to Welsh residents on the grounds that there isn't the grid capacity to handle visitors cars and that upgrading would cost billions (even if the copper was available -which it...
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    Statutory Licensing of Welsh Club Huts

    I think without an exemption the small club huts would go out of 'business' as it would be too onerous and expensive to comply wih the pages of proposed requirements . The purpose seems to be to create a 'Welsh wall' to keep the invaders out !
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    Phone Charging in Caving Huts

    The hut has 6 fire/smoke/gas alarms and 7 extinguishers of various types , has recently been rewired etc and an outside shed with loads of sockets for lamp charging etc but people don` t seem to want to leave them out there . We are also getting rid of the gas cooking next month . I once...
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    Phone Charging in Caving Huts

    Some nights in the Croydon cc hut in Ystrafellte weve found a dozen or so phones festooned from every socket in the building (which is a bit pointless as there is no signal there!) and the issue has been raised as to whether to try and stop this due to the fire risk .We are thinking of having...
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    Went in LNRC last Sat (21st sept) and the telephone and food dump have gone (they were there in July ), only a load of mats there -have they been removd for maintenance ? Chris Crowley Croydon CC , (also the land is apparently  still for sale but at 'reduced' price )
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    Ring found in Porth-yr-Ogof

    A white metal ring has been found in the PYO resurgence pool by a Croydon cc diver  (no W.O.T golems , wizards, or hobbits please !)
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    South Wales Earthquake Sat 17th Feb

    The nightmare happened - a long way down a very loose cave in an earthquake on sat situated on  the South Wales  Neath disturbance zone thought to be a major structural movement zone since at least Paleaozoic times when boom boom , sounded like Cardiff had been nuked ! no sign of ground shaking ...
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    Aberwystyth caving club next weekend

    Can someone from above contact me at regarding the use of the Croydon cottage in ystradfellte as I`cant get a reply from the person who booked it to confirm that they have the door entry code -Thanks chris crowley (there are no contacts listed  on their web site !)
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    Anyone want an extensive collection of these -some going back to 1920`s ? collect from FOD or S.Wales -e mail me at (or they are likely going to the tip!)
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    Ogof Tardiad Rhymeny

    Went on a long walk from the gate on the Trefil road to find this, but it looks like the entrance has been filled in by recent quarry activity -or was I looking in the wrong place ? Also on the way back stumbled into the entrance of Ab Robert but it looks like it is still collapsed -Chris...
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    Aberystwth caving club e-mail contact

    Can anyone give me a personal e-mail contact for the above club as they have booked the Croydon cc cottage in Ystradfellte next weekend but don`t respond to their club university e-mail address so I don`t know if they have the door entry code -thanks  chris crowley
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    Can anyone give me an e-mail or phone contact for SUSS  ?as they have booked the Croydon CC cottage in SWales but the person who booked it (Samuel Snowdon) hasn`t replied to my e-mails and their web pages haven`t got a single contact email on them ! Thanks Chris Crowley
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    Cheap LEDs

    For those of us who like to make our own caving lights and who are handy with a soldering iron  it is worth noting that some Poundlands are selling  the GU10 LED  240v ?bulb?  ?these have an unscrewable front bezel revealing 3 LEDs on an alloy heat sink with individual focus lenses  ?further...
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    New Cave in Ystradfellte ?

    While at the Landlord of the New Inn  in Ystradfellte retirement party (free booze!) the locals were saying that a  big new cave had been discovered in the Hepste valley with pitches and  stals -apparently the landowner has got pics on his face book -anybody know any details -is this another...
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    Sheffield Hallam University Caving Club

    Can someone form this club contact the Croydon Caving Club Cottage Warden about their booking of our cottage in S.Wales in Feb as I`ve lost their contact details and can`t find any listed anywhere -Thanks Chris Crowley
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    Convert your Oldham headset into a 3W LED lamp for about ?25

    See my web page on how to do this at