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    First Aid Kits

    "I have successfully used saliva to help remove grit from my eye" I believe urine is more sterile than saliva ;)
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    Graphite Mining

    Interesting article in The Times today about graphite mining - but it’s hidden behind a paywall, so I’ll copy it for you: Storm that uncovered graphite and gave rise to term ‘black market’ March is no stranger to stormy weather, but a storm in the Lake District on this day 460 years ago - March...
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    CNCC AGM this Saturday 16th March

    Excellent write-up!
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    First Aid Kits

    Aspirin, in case of a suspected heart attack
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    Problem at Braida Garth in Kingsdale, last night.

    " . . . please don’t throw stones down there might be people below" From Wiki: In July 1936 Mabel Binks became the first caving fatality in the Yorkshire Dales when she was hit by a rock falling down the Main Shaft. Evidence from the inquest indicated that it had been thrown down deliberately.
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    Middleton Mine (apparently)

    "Hollywood star Tom Cruise appears to have been pictured in Derbyshire, fuelling excitement about another Mission: Impossible film. Cruise was apparently snapped driving a jeep in an apparent stunt scene at Middleton Mine on Monday. Film crews have set up at the location and told villagers it...
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    Petzl Aven/Superavanti Buckle Covers

    "This wouldnt of been needed if Petzl hadnt of cut corners, saved money and lowered quality in the first place. When the newer version of the avanti harnesses came out the webbing was thinner and shorter, saving money for Petzl while risking failures and ultimately peoles lives." I don't...
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    How far are the effects of earthquakes felt?

    Dodgy internet signal in Antarctica? :ROFLMAO:
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    Anyone able to show me around coniston copper mines?

    "If your objective is the through trip? Just follow your nose. Nice easy walk up, entrance easy to find. Enjoy" Anyone else think this is really dangerous advice for an inexperienced caver? :rolleyes:
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    Wellies / rain boots advice

    Wintergreen? :confused: From wiki: Wintergreen is used for rust removal and degreasing of machinery . . . Was your Great Grandad particularly rusty or greasy, Shotlighter?
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    Wellies / rain boots advice

    " . . . to wear a crisp packet on the end of each foot" And do you also wrap a newspaper round your chest, tied with a bit of old string?
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    Your Preferred Climbing Ascender...

    "Although I imagine most people could probably improve their fitness before worrying about the weight of hand jammers" . . . or their own weight :(
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    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    Whilst I'm waiting for my "keepers" to arrive next month, I'll just use a couple of the elastic bands that the postman drops. I'm sure they will work just as well :rolleyes:
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    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    Many thanks for this, Ian. Buckle covers now ordered. But . . . Petzl have known about this issue for a couple of years, and should have dealt with it by issuing a Product Recall. Or at least a warning notice. I shall think twice about buying any more stuff from Petzl. They have, in my...
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    Trying to find 2 lads

    Two of the main kit suppliers are Starless River and Inglesport. For starters, have a look at the Starless River primary kit and then look at the more complicated Inglesport kit Builder That should answer most of your questions about kit (but don't look at the prices . . . )
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    Trying to find 2 lads

    Derbyshire Caving Association have a couple of "Introduction to SRT" workshops coming up: DCA Training events
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    SRT Underground Refresher 13th Jan

    You'll be absolutely fine, Jonny. The trainers always watch you carefully on any tricky bit, in case you need any advice. It's very different from a club trip, where you might be left to "get on with it". What's more, if you've never caved in the Dales before, you're in for a treat!
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    Fixed Aids and Safety Installations

    "the stats will tell you that the newbies or the oldies are the most at danger" Oh dear - as a "new oldie" (or should that be "old newbie"?), I'd better check my life insurance :rolleyes:
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    Caving Adventure Book for Children 🎁

    Just ordered, for a lovely little boy in hospital with a broken leg.
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    Recommended beginner courses which include squeezing

    Hello Sam, and welcome to your new hobby! Obviously it depends on where you live, but the Yorkshire Dales has (arguably!) the best caves in the country, with lots of variety. Tight squeezes, big pitches, beautiful formations . . . whatever you fancy! I started caving a couple of years ago...