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    Fenix HM70r keeps 'blinking' (advice?)

    "whilst it worked well for the first few trips it soon started having issues with turning off randomly, not turning on, and eventually not working at all" I had exactly this with my HMD 65R. Sent it back to fenix and they said that there was debris in the battery compartment which was causing...
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    Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Kit Auction 15 July

    Quality donations accepted, or come and grab a bargain all proceeds to Cave Rescue
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    Paying for dyo

    Just wondering what people think about the new charge for going into DYO and if people will pay the ?5 per head or just put more effort into digging on the black mountain?
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    New years eve party

    the festive season is looming and I always like a good  party on New Years Eve at the risk of showing my age, we always used to have some epic new years up at the Marton or the Hill Inn. It seems those times are gone but do any caving huts have a good New Year's Eve? And can I come?......
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    American Exprees insurance now excludes caving

    Just had a renewal through for my annual policy with American Express The covering letter states it is a renewal of my existing policy, but reading the small print, they now have specifically EXCLUDED caving. I phoned them up to query it and they changed the catagories in Aug. Beware
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    Talk on caving in Equador

    "Caving in Ecuador - encounters with extra terrestrial beings!" Guest Speaker: Arthur Champion. At the RFDCC social on Mon 2nd Feb  At the Rising Sun, 8pm. Moseley Green sounds interesting...
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    FOD on BBC1

    Sunday 7 Dec. 11am  BBC1 Countryfile I believe there is some underground stuff
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    RFDCC trips to S. Wales

    A post by Woollydigger enquired about the next RFDCC trip to South Wales: FYI: Sun 6th May - Pwll Dyfn SRT trip Mon 7th May - A Pendulum Passage exchange trip Sun 20th May - Porth yr Ogof Sun 18th November - An Inner and Outer Circle trip in Agen Allwedd As always trips are dependant upon...