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    Red River, Nettle - no bad air Sept 2011

    Went down Nettle on Saturday 3 September 2011 as far as Red River (we got to the point where there's a pothole in the floor and a climb round to the left); no evidence of bad air. Rather a nice trip in fact, though a bolt or two on Beza wouldn't go amiss.... Didn't go into Hell, and I think the...
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    Dan and I had a look at P7 last night. The entrance shaft has moved a fair bit - there's loose stuff around but the scaff is holding up pretty well. Climbed down the White Room and checked out the sunps. There was flood debris up to around the base of the shuttering in the White Room (may 5-6m...
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    Finally Winnat's!

    Finally got down Winnat's Head yesterday to inspect JB's shiny new bolts and the pitches he's glued them to. I'll try to describe the rigging we used to see if JB recognises how we used his bolts (I wasn't rigging so to be honest I just followed the rope!). The chokes and the Sewer were...
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    Lost Duo bettery box, possibly P8 lay-by

    Been missing a battery box (the insert that takes the cells, rather than the whole thing) for a few weeks; only guess is that it came astray at teh P8 lay-by. If anyone has seen it - preferably before you drove over it - please let me know. Ta
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    Winnats Head survey

    Was wondering if anyone knew if there existed (or - better - had a copy of!) a comprehensive, high-grade survey or set of data for this cave. Would be interesting to see how it's various wierdnesses relate to the Peak/Speedwell system - and to see if the digs at the top end really are about to...
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    Aven climbing in Far Sump Extensions

    Anyone who's wandered into Lake of a Thousand Banana Skins in Far Sump Extension has probably noticed an aven that looks blind just above the start. Some have thought "I wonder if there's a passage leading off in the corner I can't quite see....." There isn't. After much faff and on the third...
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    Winnats's Head

    Top banana trip with RM yesterday. what a wonderful cave - a bit of everything - squeezes, stomping, pretties and pitches! Does anyone know where the stream that falls down the main pitch series goes? Couple o'things to mention: At the top of the second choke one of the very big rocks...
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    Green Peril for sale!

    I've replaced my car with one that should last a bit longer. That means the old one is available to anyone who wants it. Tax 'til June and MoT to November, mostly works pretty well but the indicators have just stopped working (think it's only a knackered relay, the hazards still work). It's a...
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    Top Sink RM, Caverholic and me.... Never been there before so it was with some trepidation that the green peril was abandoned at Bull Pot Farm. The moor was frozen solid so the walk over was pretty pleasant, I always forget how beautiful this part of the Dales is. Found the cave without great...
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    Wow! Good publicity

    Well, almost - the BBC news site has a positive story about caving, on the front page - about that trip to Georgia (?) that broke 2000m - some reasonable photos, too
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    Aveline's in the news...

    Check out the BBC news site - apparently there was civilisation and even art on Mendip in the distant past. How the mighty have fallen...
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    SUSS position - latest

    The quoted statement below is from the SUSS committee. We have been asked to pay for high risk advice (from a non-caver!) as a condition of being allowed to continue as a University club. Needless to say we're not playing that game, so may well get kicked out. We'll keep the forum posted as...
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    Krab and Spreader found in Easegill

    Krab and spreader found, just above the first pitch in County on Friday (9?/10/04). Let me know if it's yours.....
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    Great news for University caving. Leave the University!

    Hurrah for long-sighted and broad-minded Universities. Sheffield Uni has decided that it wants to get rid of its "high risk" clubs (no I don't mean rugby...) having spent too much money on suits and paperw**k. So, looks like SUSS may be needing to change its name 'cos we're no longer a...
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    I was talking to some safety bod the other day and found out the new working at height reg's have been made more sensible by saying that national governing body guidelines will be OK for 'adventure activities'. Do we have any? I've never heard of them but some cave instructor was involved in...
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    Wanted - drill

    Any diggers out there who've hung up their spades? I'm looking for a cordless SDS drill for cave expansion purposes - Bosch GBH or similar. If anyone's got one they don't use any more, get in touch :D
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    Another Giant's thread

    This time, not about pulling people out!! Had a pootle around yesterday looking at a few of the side passages. There are fixed ropes everywhere, mostly going up to heights unknown off anchors of unknowable crappiness. The Ghost Rift rope&rigging seemed fine. We didn't go up any of the others...
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    Lost John's-Boxhead

    SUSS have Lost John's & Boxhead Pot booked soonish and I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good description (and/or decent survey) of the high-level route between the two - I don't fancy the stream route :hidesofa: and the high-level route sounds quite pleasant - but getting lost...
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    Water Icicle

    Wondering how the air is down there at the moment - thinking of restarting the dig in the mud at the end of NE passage while Crem's closed for lambing - anyone been down lately? Always get some bad air at the dig face :fart: but some in the main passage would be nice :)
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    On a recent trip (into a leader-only, gated system...) the leader (and discoverer) of the cave pointed out that the gate they'd put in was draught-proof. The idea is that changing air-currents by opening up passages can dry out pretties/sediments/etc., just wondered if anyone else was doing...