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  1. cavemanmike

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Now if you’d have written your dissertation IN a cave I would be seriously impressed 😉
  2. cavemanmike

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    A few hours in a cafe. You obviously need to cave more 😂😂😂
  3. cavemanmike

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Plus the choice of equipment nowadays
  4. cavemanmike

    Wanted: Meander Criou PVC Oversuit / coveralls

    You’re not the only one but preferably not one Tony in it 😉
  5. cavemanmike

    Gaerwen Mine "Cave of lost souls" on BBC1 News 02/04/2024

    All the names carved on the wall in pengarett hut (dinorwic)over the years has spoilt the place. Most people wouldn’t even know where to find the old quarryman signatures. Absolutely ruined the place
  6. cavemanmike

    North Wales - Tourist / Show Mines Recommendations

    Inclined 😂😂😂😂 Pun intended I hope
  7. cavemanmike

    AI Wezzit

    Marble steps
  8. cavemanmike

    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    Ac/dc Obviously 😉😉
  9. cavemanmike

    Old broken Suunto surveying equipment

    Mount them on a frame as a piece of retro art, i actually think that would look rather smart 😉😉
  10. cavemanmike

    what is the most 'young adult' friendly caving club / hut in the UK

    I’ve found gcc are by FAR the most unfriendly club I’ve EVER come across . And I’ve caved a lot
  11. cavemanmike

    Vegan food

    It will probably be a marketing strategy by the food industry
  12. cavemanmike

    How big is the average UK caving club?

    I’ll guess 37
  13. cavemanmike

    Fenix HM70r keeps 'blinking' (advice?)

    I seem to remember there is a utube video that fenix put up to troubleshoot some problems, it might be worth a look 👀
  14. cavemanmike

    Fenix HM70r keeps 'blinking' (advice?)

    Send it back, there’s usually a good warranty with them
  15. cavemanmike

    Vegan food

    Guinness is vegan 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
  16. cavemanmike

    Welcome to Caving Wales / Ogofa Cymru

    Hi Stuart Why don’t you put this on buddle pit. The mine explorer site, I think they would appreciate that
  17. cavemanmike

    Has Anyone ever lost a welly?

    I had dig a friend out of roof collapse (thankfully only a few cuts and bruises) but I couldn’t reach his welly. After a long walk he had to prussic out/ 40 metre pitches 😬😬😬. What a trooper but that’s cavers for you
  18. cavemanmike

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    Same as stones. I have a caving washing machine😇😇
  19. cavemanmike

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    Thats probably because (a)you’re a student (B) you used to be a student 😉😉
  20. cavemanmike

    Vegan food

    Bloody hippies 😉😉