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  1. Gritstone


    Does anyone know if the Syphon has been active recently or how long the current free dive is?
  2. Gritstone

    Winnats Head rope resurrected.

    Today we fitted a new rope to the vertical squeeze below Fox Chamber and removed the old one. Happy Xmas Y'all.
  3. Gritstone

    Winnats head rope is dead

    A few of us are heading up there next Saturday, I have some old rope that can replace it. I'll take it along and replace it if it's not already been done.
  4. Gritstone

    Visiting Eldon Hole

    We were there a week ago. I left a roll of tape on the hangers at the bottom of the pitch for anyone who didn't remember to take some, please remove all your waste tape after you're done. The new pull through is much meatier than the old one and so is the knot, after a few failed attempts we...
  5. Gritstone

    What the hell do you get fined 10d for

    Another way of saying farting then ?
  6. Gritstone

    What the hell do you get fined 10d for

    Valid, it may well be that now you mention it, I was standing right in front of it and struggled with one word now I'm not sure I was right with at least two 🤣
  7. Gritstone

    What the hell do you get fined 10d for

    Wow Jen I'd have been throwing shrimps on the Barbie my entire life if id have been alive back then. However by the look of the dates around that area they were all around the 1900- 1940 mark. What was interesting though was that some of the mineing vandals in Browns Folly also put their...
  8. Gritstone

    What the hell do you get fined 10d for

    Thanks for that I can't not see it now, even if that's not what it says 😂
  9. Gritstone

    What the hell do you get fined 10d for

    Went into Brown's Folly the other day and noticed an inscription on a wall at the lower end of the passage between Clapham Junction and the connection with Middle Passage. It states that Quote, "Any man??????? In this beautiful hole during meal times will be fined 10d." I couldn't for the life...
  10. Gritstone

    Browns Folly Mine

    As of 14th September 22 Brown's is still open.
  11. Gritstone

    What's water like in P8

    I was down there mid July and the situation doesn't seem to have changed which is odd given the dry summer so far. Sump B was sumped about 10ft under the lip so that may have lowered a bit. Around the same time I got to sump 5 in the Merlin's Streemway before the dive line disappeared into a...
  12. Gritstone

    Down to the Dark Room

    Thank you for that.
  13. Gritstone

    Down to the Dark Room

    Hi all, does anyone; know if Cussey Pot hasn't hangers in place or will I need to take them with me.
  14. Gritstone

    Eyam Dale House Cave access arrangements.

    Thanks Pipster I'd seen that but last time I went it had a really old lid and a lock the key which you got from the house. It looks like a new lid has been fitted as it's all shinny and the access isn't through the house grounds now. It doesn't however mention how to get the new lid open...
  15. Gritstone

    Eyam Dale House Cave access arrangements.

    I thinking of having a look in Eyam Dale House Cave later this week but I'm not sure on current access arrangements. The Peak Caves site gives the details but doesn't mention whether you need a key or a spanner for the lid. Do you still need a key from the house for access? And does the new...
  16. Gritstone

    Eldon Hole fence

    Went into Eldon Hole last night and found the perimeter fence had been cut open and sheep shite was inside the enclosure. Fortunately no sheep had base jumped in but I'm pretty sure the farmer wouldn't take kindly to his livestock meeting an untimely end due to someone's stupidity. I made a...
  17. Gritstone

    Sallet Hole mine

    Went into Sallet Hole today for a Potter around with a friend. Since I was in about 12 months ago there have been some huge movements and collapses some that have deformed the ringsets and by the looks of it there is plenty more due to come down. I recon the timbers have reached the age where...
  18. Gritstone

    Knotlow climbing shaft gate

    Went into Knotlow yesterday morning and found that the nut holding the climbing shaft door down was missing. I think it's an M12, if anyone intends going in the near future and has access to an new nut could you replace it just incase the unthinkable occurs. I'll pack one in my bag as I vist...
  19. Gritstone

    Millers chamber.

    Has anyone been into Damocles Rift recently? If so what is the state of the fixed rope up through Millers Chamber? Is there still a rope in situ. I'm hoping to pay it a visit at the weekend but a heads up in advance would be very much appreciated. Cheers guy's.
  20. Gritstone

    Knotlow bad air

    Just a heads up, been into Knotlow this morning intending to do the climbing shaft down to the coffin level at the bottom of waterfall chamber. On the ledge at the top of the pitch I found that I was struggling a little to breath and felt a little dizzy, needless to say I didn't go any further...