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    BCRA/BCA Drop Test Results

    It is the core that gets the bulk of the damage and protects the sheath BUT it is the sheath that your ascenders or descender grip onto. So, a degraded sheath on a rope sling isn't too bad compared to ascending or descending a rope with a degraded sheath.
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    Pc non-pc cave names

    And in an attempt to link to the 2 most contentious threads on here... Could gender be identified by dowsing?
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    UKcaving Free-cycle

    Someone else has already been in touch and should be collecting them this week. If they don't, I'll let you know.
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    UKcaving Free-cycle

    Descent back issues 163 - 175 Free to a good home, or a bad one, I don't mind. Collect in the Dales.
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    Before I throw it away does anyone want some carbide? It was a 5kg tub, lots of dust but still quite a few lumps in it. Collect it my house in the dales and it's yours.
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    Advice on displaying photos wanted

    Sid designs at Staveley are worth contacting, they do acrylic printing and various other options.
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    Free cylinders

    I've got a steel BA cylinder, strange tap - not din or A clamp. If you collect it you can have it (near Ingleton). Also, a 2L, aluminium, A clamp cylinder. It's a bit newer so yours for a small donation to CRO.
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    8mm diving wetsuit for sale

    Longjohn and jacket with hood, smooth skin seals at wrists and ankles.  Knees and elbows still intact (with a bit of aquasure). Fits tall thin person. View or collect, Ingleton area. ?20