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  1. Elif-O

    Caving Hut Tea Towel

    Fantastic design! How do I buy one?
  2. Elif-O

    Rope Etiquette

    An incident occured a few years ago where we rigged our rope underneath another parties at Titan on the first 50m pitch. They were digging in the upper section. When we turned around to ascend we found our rope was 20m or so out of reach. When the other party pulled their rope up, ours got...
  3. Elif-O

    Lost Krab in GG

    Oval alloy Krab lost in GG, has a sticker saying SRT2. Lost somewhere from stream to main to bar pot. If anyone happens to come across it. Thank you!
  4. Elif-O

    Glow Worms

    I have come across them once in the peaks while walking around midnight at Thorpe Cloud. I couldn't believe it! There had to be hundreds! I tried to look for records but couldn't find any, this was back in 2020.
  5. Elif-O

    NCHECC @ The Farm

    Apologies for the delayed response! Massive thank you to everyone over the weekend! To our volunteers, trainers, cooks, Steve, CRO, RRCPC, those who helped with the big clean, those who took rubbish bags away and those who ran to cave entrances. Another successful CHECC event! Well done...
  6. Elif-O

    NCHECC @ The Farm

    Hey all, Hope you're having a fab week! Just a heads up to cavers in Yorkshire this weekend who are not attending the CHECC event. This weekend we have over 100 students at the farm. This means that Ease Gill entrances will be busy and parking will likely be difficult. CNCC have also sent...
  7. Elif-O

    CHECC 2022 Forum!!

    Hello Cavers! The CHECC 2022 forum will be held on 25-27th November in Priddy, Mendip. For now, save the date and you’ll be hearing from us soon! P.s. if any keen bees for cheffing, training and the likes please get in touch
  8. Elif-O


    Heyyyy! We are looking for a head chef and a team of cooks for SCHECC on the 4-6th March in Mendip! MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need a head chef/food coordinator who has knowledge about cooking and managing a group of people! Please leave a comment or PM me if you feel like you fit the bill or know...
  9. Elif-O


    Hello all, Hope you're doing well! My name is Elif and I am the new CHECC sec. I look forward to working with you all! Massive thank you to the caving community for your support in my role! :beer2: Our regional CHECC dates have been confirmed! ***SCHECC***: 4-6th March in Mendip @ BEC and...
  10. Elif-O

    Caving in the Tatra mountains?

    Hello guys!! My partner and I are going to Poland for a week next month and we are staying right next to the tatra mountains. We would like to do some caving on one of the days, but preferably something horizontal so we do not have to take too much kit in our luggage. We're both fairly...