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    Do you wash your wet socks?

    Funny thread It never occurred to me that you could wash caving gear I always thought it was clean just the once Now I know it's possible, we need to create a new thread to figure out why!
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    Charity challenges

    I have never been keen on these outdoor challenges for charity. I am happy to give to charity. I also think people should go into the outdoors for their own good What I don't like is someone taking an unnecessary cut of the charity money and in order to do so needlessly encouraging people to...
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    Caving Memes

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    Your Preferred Climbing Ascender...

    Petal Basic, I have owned a couple of handled ascenders over the years, but never got on with them or bothered to take them underground - too long and bulky
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    What caving related thing did you do today?

    Went and prodded a large choke with a long pole and got a far bigger rumble than expected, plus a good dollop of adrenaline. Very impressive, but still more to come down!
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    Cave camping kit list

    As recompense for poor sense of humour here is a better suggestion. A bottle of finest chilli sauce to invigorate even the dullest camp food
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    Cave camping kit list

    I may have misread it, but is the Milk actually water powered or is it rechargeable?
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    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    I reckon Monday is the start of the week so here are a few more. The recent rain in Wales created a bit of an effect. Here is the river Alyn just below Hesp Alyn a week after the major floods! Ist shot upstream Here is the same position downstream Gas Pot near Minera looked full as well
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    9mm Type B rope with common ascenders

    To help explain this a little more I have a great example that just struck me. In a very well known through trip there are some truly great zip lines and tensioned wires. Most of you will have noticed the slings used as their anchors. They are 2 ton rated (14 ton minimum break strength)...
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    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    Always like to see shots on this post and was starting to feel sorry for the OR, so went on a photography trip yesterday down Illusion. all taken on a google Pixel phone, with artistic support from Badlad.
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    9mm Type B rope with common ascenders

    The following may help explain some things from the opposite perspective and especially as testing of products is always an interesting area. As pointed out by some and apparent from others comments, we generally take note of and pay a lot of interest in the standards an item has been tested to...
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    Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit

    I am sorry Mike, did you suggest this was a problem?
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    First trip to Swildon's Sump 1

    Like Pete says set a target and go for it, but never be afraid to turn round Keeping them moving and not pushing too far to ensure they come back for more is the key
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    Problems at BMC

    Caving Heptathlon / relay combo Set off by car collecting / waking up the rest of the team Race to the entrance Put your gear on Race back for some forgotten items or pay a penalty and replace it at the local shop Bottom the trip De rig and get back out The race to the pub, eating fish and...
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    Falling on Cows Tails

    Oh forgot to say that whilst I have my kit fairly stripped back I do not bother with snap gates for the reasons above I use screw gates all round and again have got used to them, so automatically prepare them and very rarely if ever find them stuck
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    Falling on Cows Tails

    I have caved using one short and one long cowstail, with the foot jammer and foot loop attached into the long cowstail krab since the mid 80"s I haven't struggled on traverses or more complex rigging and have travelled widely using it. I don't find the jammer or footloop gets in the way, I am...
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    Photographic gear to a good home

    I still have the larger one I will look out this weekend and send you a better photo by PM Thanks Pete
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    Photographic gear to a good home

    I have some photo kit that was my Uncles and whilst he does not want anything for it, he would like it to go to a good home. There is quite a bit of film - old, but still sealed in foil packs - a mix of fuji and kodak, larger format as he used it in a Bronica There are 2 enlargers Pretty much...
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    Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

    A great trip with the next generation....
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    Rope supplier

    Hi I did buy a job lot of this exact spec a little while back and I am not sure if we have any left. If we have I will put it to one side and let you know. If not as Badlad says we have a large stock of their other ropes and so can maybe suggest / offer something else. Am I right in assuming you...