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  1. Pitlamp

    Caving artwork

    That's quite good. Might be worth consulting ISSA members as someone would probably recognise it?
  2. Pitlamp

    Hut shaft

    Which hut shaft? Does your question relate to "Hut Pot" overlooking Littondale (the former MUSS project)?
  3. Pitlamp

    Wookey Hole unveils model of the moon in underground cave

    Maybe you should book it for your club's winch meet next month Braveduck, so it can be hung in the Main Chamber as a novel feature in the UK's most famous pothole!
  4. Pitlamp

    Too Much " Foreign Stuff " In Caving Mags. and Journals ?

    I think I understand what you're trying to say Badlad. On the subject of: "I'm part of a very active group in the Dales who dig at least twice a week and have been quite successful over many years. Even so with the best will in the world we cannot fill the pages of magazines with our exploits...
  5. Pitlamp

    Too Much " Foreign Stuff " In Caving Mags. and Journals ?

    Thanks for your complementary words above about me Skippy. But I ought to point out that you take much better photographs than I do!
  6. Pitlamp

    Too Much " Foreign Stuff " In Caving Mags. and Journals ?

    The nearest we've come to that is perhaps the credit crunch expeditions in the Peak District, resulting in some notable breakthroughs. It's sometimes like that on Gaping Gill winch meets, when those in camp get really focussed on specific projects. Re Badlad's remark: "You'll never fill a bi...
  7. Pitlamp


    For anyone wondering, the bloke in question turned up on a tour in Ingleborough Cave quite a few years ago and inevitably we got chatting. When he said he'd been in the same club as Langcliffe years before I offered to put him in touch. Shortly afterwards he turned up with Langcliffe and friends...
  8. Pitlamp


    If I'm right, someone else jump in please. My photos are rubbish. If I'm wrong I'll have to start scratching my head. Incidentally, if that gentleman is who I think he is, I can claim responsibility for getting him back into caving after a long hiatus!
  9. Pitlamp


    Stile Pot?
  10. Pitlamp

    Too Much " Foreign Stuff " In Caving Mags. and Journals ?

    Without in any way wanting to criticise Descent (which remains excellent) I think you make a good point OR. Interestingly, what you allude to about caving literature mirrors the way the BCA Conference has evolved over the years. I'm a northern caver at heart and I watched it go from having...
  11. Pitlamp

    Best guidebook for Doubs caves?

    Is that the one where you come out up a 30 m (ish) shaft after going upstream from what was once a show cave? If so I've done that and I can highly recommend it. Excellent streamway with loads of cascades and some nice formations. From memory it may be best done in a wetsuit. Very much like...
  12. Pitlamp


    Sorry for late reply; I had to work today. I have a photo along similar lines to that one, which I took shortly after you discovered the place. It was an evening trip with Mr. P.B. Smith. I remember being surprised when he just donned a goon suit over his normal clothes, whilst we got changed...
  13. Pitlamp


    Winnatts Head?
  14. Pitlamp

    Cost of cylinder testing?

    Thanks all - please keep the information coming; it's all very useful. Benfool; thanks, especially, for the offer but I don't think I'll trouble you on this occasion.
  15. Pitlamp

    Cost of cylinder testing?

    Thanks; where was that?
  16. Pitlamp

    Cost of cylinder testing?

    Is it me or are they charging rather more than formerly? If anyone's had tanks tested in the last 3 months I'd be really interested to know what it cost for hydro and / or visual. Just trying to get a feel for the going rate at the moment. (Just for the avoidance of doubt I'm only interested in...
  17. Pitlamp

    Wave pool in Taiwan...........

    Notice the shadow of the person shooting the video swaying about as well.
  18. Pitlamp

    Fluorescein dye

    In the hopes of complementing Stuart's helpful information above, here's a photo of -ve and +ve cotton wool detectors alongside each other, from an OBA water tracing test. I make them from poly bags with small holes cut in them (to allow water to circulate) and I like to secure the detectors to...
  19. Pitlamp

    Caving article in The Spectator

    Well done for reinforcing the point that solo cave diving (in most UK sumps) is usually the safer option, on balance.
  20. Pitlamp

    Bit of old litter in GG

    Yes, those have been in for years. The logical jumping off point for Souith East Pot is on the opposite side of the shaft and involves a balancy / badly protected walk over fractured rock to get to it. Ancient bolts gave a hang which is possible with no rope rub but they are in suspect rock and...