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  1. paul

    Username changes

    colinfoord -> SquelchSquelchSquelch
  2. paul

    BCRA online seminar tonight!

    I also think it was a very good presentation. I have been caving in Clare many times and it's nice to see cavers helping out with archaeology.
  3. paul

    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    Yes - the purple Petzl harnesses were known to have the slipping issue.
  4. paul

    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    And it's Eric Clapton's 79th birthday today coincidentally - and he's another who is still playing.
  5. paul

    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    Peter Gabriel as a solo artist - bought a CD of his latest "I/O" which was released in December so still pretty current. Also U2 of course.
  6. paul

    AI Wezzit

    Actually, the picture is cropped as shown without clicking on it. If viewed via a browser on a PC / laptop and clicked on, the filename and user name and date as above are still not shown (as a moderator myself) but if you click on the photo when viewed va a browser on an Android phone (maye...
  7. paul

    Latitude of Clapham

    The Grid Reference Finder website can be useful for this. See|Point_s_A|1 for an example. Right-click on the selected point on the map an you get location data like this:
  8. paul

    2024 DCA Peak District Cave Exploration Prize

    Moderator comment: First post edited as requested.
  9. paul

    What caving related thing did you do today?

    They will be the same as the flints used in cigarette lighters, etc.
  10. paul

    Best Ever Colour Song

    Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones?
  11. paul

    First Aid Kits

    I was just checking the contents of my first aid kit. Most of these say expiry date Nov 2018... It's worth a check on yours now and then,
  12. paul

    First Aid Kits

    Also bothy bags (such as this: ) or Blizzard jackets (such as this: are excellent when some inactivity is involved...
  13. paul

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Moderator comment: posts about Vegan food moved to new Topic in Idle Chat at
  14. paul

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    They get chucked in the washing machine with furry suit etc. after each use (unless away when they get chucked in when arriving home again) and have done for years. Doesn't seem to do them any harm as I only need to replace them when they start to get worn out after a few years.
  15. paul

    Has Anyone ever lost a welly?

    A fellow club member somehow lost a welly in the Crabwalk in Giant's Hole (Derbyshire) and didn't realise it for a while! Later when reading the club log book, there was an entry from the next day from other club members after a trip in Giant's, they found a welly standing up on its in The...
  16. paul

    Another small earthquake in Derbyshire

    :) It was centred very close to Oxclose Mine and Jugholes (from )
  17. paul

    Another small earthquake in Derbyshire

    Another small earthquake in Derbyshire. This one was near Matlock and only about 3.5 miles from me in Winster. I felt a shove from the back of my sofa as if someone was behind it and hit it, and the door to the room opened. Several neighbours were out on the road and looking out of open windows...
  18. paul

    Username changes

    God's Drunkest Fresher -> Standard Unit of Tom
  19. paul

    Caving Ladder maker required

    Please keep on topic - this is a job offer not a discussion on ladder making!
  20. paul

    Username changes

    kait -> Spaniel on crack