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    Found: Crowbar close to Twll Du entrance, Ogof Draenen

    Pretty certain this is not a priceless archaeological artefact but is of much more recent vintage, most likely dropped by a present day caver returning from a long trip to what is now the end of the longest cave in Wales. PM me with a brief description, along with roughly when it was lost, and...
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    Concreting Drws Cefn
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    Unicycling in Caves has been moved to UK Caving section

    Just in case anyone is looking for it here and cannot find it.
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    Ogof Draenen - New Entrance

    Last Friday I received the following message from the Secretary of the PDCMG: In my capacity of Secretary of the PDCMG, reports have been reaching me that you have been involved in opening up a further entrance to Ogof Draenen through an entrance on the Blorenge and that this enters the cave...
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    Bad weather this coming weekend

    Absolutely appalling weather forecast for Saturday 11 July in South Wales. Be careful where you go. Don't say you haven't been told!
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    Access: gating solutions

    This part belongs in the DYO: BBC Link thread A few points I didn't get around to pick up on last night: But the following is taken from the DYO Access regulations: "While the showcave is open, the warden for the party must present their "wardens permit" and the completed pre-access...
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    Weather Forecast for South Wales

    The following link gives a good (though by no means infallible) weather forecast for Wales: If you click on the individual places on the map (for example Swansea or Merthyr) you can then look at a five-day or 24 hour forecast for that particular...
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    Locked topics

    Why have two recent threads (both relating to donations to help the running of this site) been locked? I find this hard to understand and would appreciate an explanation.
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    Rescue in Aggy last weekend

    Any info?
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    New cave near Llygad Llwchwr

    Discovered by Mike Barnes in October 2005, this is situated in the first large shakehole on the right after going over the stile. The cave comprises around 65m of dry passage, including a short section of active streamway ending in upstream and downstream sumps. A 6m ladder is needed to reach...