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  1. Bob Smith

    dell axim x30 pocket PC - free to a good home.

    I have a dell axim X30 pocket PC with a waterproof hard case, docking/charging station going begging. It will need a new battery. Should be suitable for PocketTopo. All I'm asking is postage. PM me for any more info.
  2. Bob Smith

    Centre of the universe collectable on Ebay

    I saw this and thought there may be some interest.
  3. Bob Smith

    Caving underpants

    People, what undergarments do you use for caving? I favour whatever I happen to be wearing before I set off in the morning, and if they get wet simply change them for a spare set that i have in my gear bag. Failing that I will "go comando" and suffer the consequences. I have heard that some...
  4. Bob Smith

    For Sale, The Darkness Beckons 1st Edition

    I have an Ex library copy of the Darkness beckons for sale, it is in very good condition, but has the usual library labels and stamps in the first few pages. Offers in the region of ?18 please, no reasonable offer refused. Postage at cost, or arrange collection from the Hunter's Lodge.
  5. Bob Smith

    for sale The Darkness Beckons. 1st edition.

    I have a copy of the 1st edition The Darkness Beckons. It is a ex-library book and has a couple of stamps in the front few pages, but is in otherwise excellent condition. Hardback with full colour dust jacket. for the sum of ?17.50 Postage will be around ?3, or I can arrange for collection...
  6. Bob Smith

    wanted Mini Q40 body

    The contacts inside my mini q40 have given up the ghost, does anyone have an old Q40 body going for a reasonable price?
  7. Bob Smith

    signed copy of blue holes by rob palmer

    saw this on ebay and thougt it might appeal to the divers
  8. Bob Smith

    silver caving jewellery for sale

    Hanger and maillon made from sterling silver.
  9. Bob Smith

    disto a3 on ebay

    Disto A3 just up for auction on eBay...
  10. Bob Smith

    Distox and active sync

    if you've just got you're hands on a Distox it's worth noting that if you buy a cheap PDA from ebay :-[ and it comes with a version of active sync older than 4.0 you should download the latest version other wise you'll struggle to load the .net framework required to run pocketTopo. If you think...
  11. Bob Smith

    gibson slave upgrade boards.

    I have got my hands on 8 flash slave upgrade boards (count multi-flash etc). If anyone would like one (or more) PM me and i'll sort it out. Price would be ?10 each. first come first served.
  12. Bob Smith

    for sale: Warmbac Neofleece, 38" chest

    Follow this link for my Neofleece, I think it has shrunk in the last few years, but only round the waist, very strange. :shrug:
  13. Bob Smith

    for sale Otter armour 2600 PDA case Water proof

    Waterproof PDA case with soft front to use the touch screen
  14. Bob Smith

    lost - small tripod and flash mount, swildon's water chamber.

    Rather embarrassed really, upon checking my parts  :-[this morning i appear to have left behind a small Hama tripod with a flash mount somewhere between the water chamber and old grotto. Probably perched on a rock in the water chamber, so if you should find it please let me know and i'll sort...
  15. Bob Smith

    climbing wall insurance claim overturned

    A interesting ruling that may protect commercial sporting activities of a "risky nature". In a nutshell, an unsupervised climber injured himself at a bouldering wall, initially awarded 1/4 of a ?4 million compensation claim (he was deemed 75% responsible for his injuries) but the decision has...
  16. Bob Smith

    HLIS Pewter Pot

    The ladder from Pewter Pot has been removed, it was in a terrible state, with many broken wires (my hands are now like a pin cushion!!) If you are intending to do the trip I recommend you bring your own ladder as the pitch is not rigged for SRT (the rub points could be a nightmare). please check...
  17. Bob Smith

    The Darkness Beckons 1st and 2nd editions for sale ?10 each

    I have two copies if The darkness Beckons for sale, 1 each of the 1st and second editions ?10 for each both in very good condition. postage will be about ?4, or you can come and pick them up from me at the Hunter's in Priddy. PM me if you are interested.
  18. Bob Smith

    The dedication cap'n Chris

    The very man has just been spotted leaving Swolidon's! Has he spent all night in 'santa's' Old Grotto? Just what every caver wants, a lovely Xmas morning trip. Well done Chris. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  19. Bob Smith

    Shetland Attack Pony

    Does anyone have any Info on where i can find details about the Shetland Attack Pony surveying device?
  20. Bob Smith

    mendip weather online

    'kin hell, a miraculous collaboration between the BEC and Wessex means that mendip cavers may not have to look out of the window to see what the weather is doing for much longer. Yesterday we had some live data online from the weather station at upper Pitts, and hopefully this will become...