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    Missing knee pad, swcc

    1 knee pad went missing from the swcc drying room shelves Sunday 19th November If you've found an extra one in your kit, it's mine
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    missing: wellies, SWCC ladies changing room

    Has anyone who was at SWCC Sunday 5th november found they've gone home with the wrong wellies? I had a pair of black etche wellies , size 39 / size 5.5 - 6 disappear from the ladies changing room this afternoon. if you find them, please could you...
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    Chelsea SS Website

    Chelsea SS have a relatively new website. you can find it here: We hope its factual and that you can find out about our cottage and our local caves there. We have also recently gained an imposter website. We did not build this website. Unfortunately we do not...
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    caving in belize?

    Has anybody been? Any recommendations? and what is the permit/permissions system out there actually like? :o
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    looking to contact Gerry Howell and Hugh Terry

    from border caving club in the early 90s. are they still about or does anyone have any contacts for them? cheers
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    wanted: flatshare, london

    i need to find a new place to live  :annoyed: would anybody out there be interested in a flatshare in london, or know anybody who is? the upside/downside is that sharing with me may involve an amount of anti-social behaviour such as washing krabs in the bathroom or the occasional washing of...
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    caving clubs that take under 16 members?

    are there any caving clubs out there that accept under 16s, without their parents? if yes (as i am sure i have read on here that there are "lots"), which ones do?
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    Unknown Caves and Dowsing

    New Topic split from "Traveling Time to Caving Regions" how do we know there are 37 unknown caves?
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    ogof carno?

    :bounce:  i have a permit for ogof carno, but it seems nobody except diggers go down there. has anyone been for a trip down there not involving banging and filling buckets? and where is worth going to? in a squalid, shitty way. we are not exactly expecting Hall of 30 or Straw Chamber down carno
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    anyone else stuck for getting to CHECC from down south?

    If anyone else is in need of a lift, i may be able to help you out, leaving from london. clubbing together means our beer money goes further  ;D
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    contacting Tony Donovan

    could anyone help me get in contact with him please? :beer2:
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    LOST: tikka in Corbel's Chamber, DYO

    took it out my pocket in Corbel's chamber, put it down on a flat bit of rock and forgot to pick it up again. cant be far away - i noticed my dimness just after leaving the chamber, but didnt have time for a proper look for it  :annoyed: if anyone finds it, much appreciated if they could let me...
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    FOUND: bag near Eglwys Faen

    let me know what it looks like and what it has in it and i will let you know where to retrieve it from  :)
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    accidently aquired - 2 karibiners

    has anybody had 2 karibiners go missing? somehow a couple have appeared in my kit. i have a feeling they arrived with my chest jammer i lent a friend who did an SRT/surveying course - i think it was run by a mendip club
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    where to go caving from Hidden Earth?

    a few of us would like to do a caving trip while we are at Hidden Earth, but as we haven't done much caving up that way - Wales is more our stomping ground, we are not quite sure where to go. Any suggestions - no technical SRT though, i'm still learning cheers, and have a good weekend to...