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  1. Damo

    OFD Northern Lights In situ rope

    It was there in 2009 on my first visit to that location and recall being told that it had been there for many years prior to that. Vaguely remember enquiring about the ropes purpose and think I was told that it was associated with an abandoned dig. I may be wrong though, it was a long time ago.
  2. Damo

    Cheap Chinese PPE!

    Its been sometime since I last had a browse on Flea Bay and I've been left a tad alarmed at the amount of cheap Chinese PPE that is listed on the site. What I found even more alarming is that they all have CE stamps on them! Maybe its just me and my "suspicious" mind but I find it difficult to...
  3. Damo

    Lost: Knee Pads SWCC

    Lost last weekend at SWCC: A pair of dirty but new nailer knee pads. Thanks
  4. Damo

    Gopro lighting

    I've been playing with a Gopro underground lately, though i'm getting ok footage using my headlamp in flood in smaller passages it struggles in larger chambers. i also find it picks up a lot more moisture in larger areas. So my question is, what do other people use for lighting up bigger areas...
  5. Damo

    Sports cam

    Was looking at gopro when I came across the SJ4000. Anyone out there used one of these underground? Are they any good? Damo.
  6. Damo

    Hero 2

    Wanted: gopro hero 2.
  7. Damo

    Little Neath

    Possibly heading into LNRC over the weekend. Has anyone been in there recently? Just wondering how things are on the pollution side of things. Cheers.
  8. Damo

    Cellar dicovery

    The wife, sprogz and I have recently been doing some renovation work on a house we are moving to in the new year. Last week we were told that there would have been a cellar in the property. It didn't take long to find where the entrance to this cellar would have been. So I've removed a small...
  9. Damo

    Daren Cilau - Ogof Cnwc/prices Dig

    Hi, Some friends and I are planning a through trip tomorrow, l've been digging around for some info but have turned up very few results. I'm hoping someone could tell how complicated route finding is between Antler and the start of the Cnwc exit? I've been to Antler passage via the Daren...
  10. Damo

    Lost valley sink

    Browsing on the "caves of South wales" website and lost valley sink seems to have disappeared from there! Is there a reason for this? Has it possibly just disappeared into the abyss?
  11. Damo

    Found- helmet

    Found- one white helmet near Pant Mawr Pot.
  12. Damo

    Dai Hunts Quarry Cave

    Hello, Ive been meaning to take a look at this dig for sometime and was wondering if anyone had any input on it? from what i can gather it was a very promising dig at one time, but due to a massive collapse at the entrance it was abandoned, and never looked at again? Damo.
  13. Damo

    Safety Bag

    Hi, The following items were lost at Porth Yr Ogof on the 20.10.2009. 1x red and yellow tackle bag(with leila written on the outside) 1x daren drum(with kit list written on the outside, contents being a knife, bulbs, torches, first aid kit and a group shelter.) 1x rope. If anyone has come...
  14. Damo

    Lost Safety Bag

    Hello, a friend of mine left her tackle bag (with kit) in Porth Yr Ogof, for a very short time on 20/10/09. And on return it had vanished, i will have more details tomorrow and post this on the lost and found. But if anyone has picked up a bag with LEILA written on it could you please contact me...
  15. Damo

    OFD Survey

    Hello, I currently have the large OFD survey on 5 sheets, does anyone know where i could get a smaller scale one from? Cheers Damo.
  16. Damo

    Firefly 2?

    Hello, I use a Fuji S304 underground with some cheap slaves, and was wondering if a Firefly 2 would work ok with this Camera? Damo
  17. Damo

    Pant Mawr Pot

    Hello, I am thinking of digging at Pant Mawr Pot in the near future, so was wodering if there was anyone out there with any prior experiance?