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  1. SamT

    Rowter Hole Update

  2. SamT

    Peak pontification (split from Rowter Hole Update)

    Is there not a fairly hefty hade to the rake at Rowter though, as demonstrated by the fact that the vertical engine shart which intersects with the vein is about 20m South of the rake. Since bottomless pit is deeper than rowter, you'd expect a bigger distance South before it intersects the the...
  3. SamT

    Peak pontification (split from Rowter Hole Update)

    Not sure this has been mentioned before, but the far end of Hypothermia passage ends in a Shackhole Scrin for sure. Pokey place to be digging through a choke, but could yeild access to the continuation of shackhole scrin towards Longcliffe?
  4. SamT

    Peak pontification (split from Rowter Hole Update)

    Indeed, it was dropped from a German plane that I believe had been shot over manchester somewhere and was jettisoning its payload in case it came down (wise). I never found out whether it did make it back to Germany or indeed crash landed somewhere And its here...
  5. SamT

    Indoor Cave rescue

    I know I shouldn't pontificate on these things, but sounds like at toxic shock syndrome type thing to me, resulting from some sort of suspension trauma / crush injury (i.e. being stuck in very awkward position for a long time).
  6. SamT

    Blackwell Dale Access problems

    OK, so Blackwell dale doesn't have many caves - only perhaps Aragogs is affected, but the landowners seem to have finally banned access to climbers (boulderers) Post from Jon - the BMC access rep..,31228.msg675709.html#msg675709
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    Hartledale Bottom mine - Moss Rake

    Love that place! Cracking shot!
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    Eddie Mason Contact details

    Hi, can someone message me Eddies mobile number if they have one. ta.
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    A "Classic Rock" of UK Caves?

    Oxlow Caverns. P8 Nettle Carlswark Knotlow Wharf? Alum
  10. SamT

    TSG's Chapel and it's pop drinks history

    Love it!! Nice.
  11. SamT

    TSG's Chapel and it's pop drinks history

    Not sure if you can split topics, but the Chapel was defintely a bottle factory at some stage. (Not entirely sure if they made the bottles there, or just filled them). G. Boam and Thompson, G. Boam and Sons See attached pics of my two. Bizzarly, I found the brown one in black well dale. ...
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

    Ah yeah.. cheers.
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

    Rumblings in the jungle... NIMBYS or genuine cause for concern... 🤷‍♂️ Bit of background on the TV celeb who's purportedly bought the land...
  14. SamT

    Eldon Hole - Pull Through Cord Damaged

    Good work guys!
  15. SamT

    Temporary cave camp toilets

    Carry your bags of poop out.. why not hang on the nearest stal and the poop fairy will collect it surely. Seems to work for dog walkers.
  16. SamT

    Can anyone lend us an underwater drill?

    In my experience of flooding drills/batteries. Its not a case of the drill working or not, I'm pretty sure an electric motor will work whilst flooded. Its more a case of the circuit boards that sit within the batteries and the drill, that provide 'overload' protection or speed/trigger control...
  17. SamT

    Recommendations for squeezy trips in the Peak.

    Hypothermia passage in Rowter is sustainedly and snug. (wear a thin wetsuit under an oversuit, its cold!
  18. SamT

    Bouncing metal work

    The first question was 'Would you use it', My answer is yes. The second question - how far is too far, is impossible to answer, but based on the only evidence I can find online, and whilst it veracity is not 100%, I'm reasonably confident that as has been said, krabs dropped massive distances...
  19. SamT

    Bouncing metal work

    "you should immeadiatly retire dropped krabs due to micro fractures". I've heard this 'rumour' loads of times. Bit of googling and this is the most scientific bit of info I could find. 'In a test conducted by REI, thirty carabiner bodies (half ovals, half Ds) were each dropped six times...
  20. SamT

    Geoff Fuller - 3 stags head landlord

    Nice obituary here..